Friday, September 23, 2011

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Backin' Black Dave's break out youtube video! Black Donald Trump. With all these millionaire rappers trying to claim skateboarding affiliation, it's super rad to see an actual skateboarder come out with some funny shit plus a black donald trump back lip at the Tribeca park. It's nice to see friends doing stuff, makin' shit happen! Note: If that weak ass youtube "Gucci Gucci" made Kreayshawn as "successful" and recognizable as she is now, Black Dave better be on the cover of at least Nylon Guys! Shit!

Drinking a tall boy in London with Chris along the canal. First night- awesome, check.

Sketchy terrorist blanket vans. Note air freshener with eyes. It knows something, we don't.

Oldie but goodie. Because any variation of Bart Simpson to me is epic

German bottle cap tops

Bubbly ledges

Charlie still rocks his Autumn shirt from 3 years ago!

Fact: Leslie has a dope closet!



Epic Sandwich shop that floats. But it was closed, womp womp

Camels that wear Saucony

Charlie and Chris. 2gether on Iphone baseball apps

Indian food from Holy Cow in London. Really good!

What could be better than really good delivery indian food? Um, having and watching the Giants ( in LONDON ) shut out the other team. Can't even remember who it was right now. The final score was I think 12-5.

Carter!!! And his Portugese custard. Carter is getting married today (Friday)!!!Yay!!

A homie of his works out of this food truck. Super cute pastries and sandwiches.

I saw this kid in a window designing stuff. It was super weird

English kidney shanks

My friend Samantha was cat sitting in a super "posh" two story flat in London. Insane money.

If you live up top anywhere in central anything on Earth, you are balling.

"Surround sound windows" as Sam put it. For sure.

Look at the fizzy ass coke: delish.

Karoke night at Joiner Arms? The karoke was on and off but at least a couple of people got to sing!

As Leslie put it, "we SF'ed it." 5/6 people in our group have lived in SF for a long time or are from SF. I'm really glad nobody is wearing an SF hat or jersey because after having lived in New York for almost 6 years, it gets kind of embarrassing when 5 people roll up with all SF shit to another city. It kind of reminds me of when tourists travel with identifying country patches on their backpacks. On this trip, I've seen groups of Canadians and Norwegians do that. And I'm not trying to be all Euro or Canadian about my shit. Ever.

update: Not a shut out- but a game in which the giants got a big ass lead

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Flying back to NY this morning. HELLA tired from this European trip! Will be updating photos from London when I get back! Yay! Charlie, Leslie, Chris, Sam, Carter plus others! All made my trip to London enjoyable!!! So ready to sleep in my own bed!!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Last photos from Berlin!

Wandered into a comic book store and there was an art gallery in the back filled with comic book type art. Neat! It's always refreshing to see different kinds of art. Art is so all encompassing it's kind of a bummer when you see the same shit all the time.

At the Alexanderplatz train station, a non operating, plant invaded train cart.

If you ever wondered what a train cart full of plants would look like- wonder no more..

Couldn't get a good picture of this guy. I imagined Berlin to be full of these Kraut rockers slash leather clad Siouxsie and the Banshee looking worshippers. He was pretty close. I also saw a bunch of really amazing outfits, just working on getting the balls to ask people to photograph them. I saw a guy that looked turn of the century, with straight up red stockings and a matching red bowtie. On purpose. It was kind of amazing?

On the other end of the spectrum, it was 10am and these guys were on their way to practice their athleticism somewhere.

World Times

Wandering around, found an Anne Frank museum. Realized after leaving Amsterdam that Anne Frank was never in Berlin, but actually in Amsterdam when she wrote a lot of her diary? Missed out on Amsterdam with that. Oh well! Next time?

Can't go to Germany without getting a couple of Hitler photos I guess

Learned on "Pawn Stars" that the allied forces actually had to develop a special knife for hand to hand combat with the Germans to specifically be able to pierce thick, German, trench coats. This is not that knife obviously since it's German, but an interesting fact.

All in all, Berlin was pretty interesting, definitely needed more days to explore. But traveling through Europe you can tell right away that a lot of beautiful old buildings were destroyed because of the war. Museum Island was amazing! Still in tact with a lot of old charm and iconic architecture from the 18th century and so on. But, I'm not sure if it was just me, I didn't find that a lot of people smile out here, but maybe that has something to do with the effects of World War II, the Berlin Wall, and all the other insane, heavy social reformations this country has had to deal with. Whatever the case, glad I got to go!