Saturday, October 15, 2011

There is some heavy shit going on in the world. What's happening in New York City has just been a long time coming. This is why New York City is one of the best cities in the world. Only in New York City can you get the sheer numbers in a turnout with this sort of scope and therefore a collective solidarity that can make the 1% pay attention. No jobs, debt, health care reform, budget cuts, corporate greed- all these issues are as important as ever. After 27 or 28 days, the movement has become even bigger, drawing more people to Saturday's protests.

Being in China for work, there is not much I can do besides wait for new photos and information to feed through. The two above youtubes are something we all know too well: police misconduct. Whereas the governments in the Western world have historically demonized Communism for being a police state, somebody has to explain to me how this isn't an oppressive and inappropriate form of "crowd control" ? It's not surprising to see a cop fully lay into a woman's face with his fist, but it's more surprising that it is so public and unapologetic. He even continues to, what it seems, try to kick her while she's down. What a metaphor. Not all cops are fucktards but the worst ones are the ones that feel they need to punch a woman in the face to get a point across. I don't care how much shit this woman may have been talking, cops often forget they are civil servants, not free right hooks and boot stomps for the people who pay their salaries and pensions.

Sometimes I wonder why the government had given a bailout to Wall Street without set conditions? Conditions that would include new protocols in which Wall Street would would have to change itself to avoid the shit storm that happened on the backs of taxpayers. It seems only logical that the government should have. And if they did have conditions, it doesn't seem like anything has changed because of it. Say you blew through a couple thousand dollars, your mom wouldn't just give you more money without making you promise not to be such a shithead again. But now we're talking billions. It's so obvious special interest groups run America. About as obvious as getting punched in the face by a cop in the middle of a protest, or getting publicly forced into a cage of like minded people because when an assembly of individuals want to exercise their freedom, it's not freedom anymore it's "criminal trespassing". Bullshit. Good old American bullshit.

update: contrary to what I had initially read, the individual in the second youtube is actually a guy!

"Demonstrator Felix Rivera-Pitre, who was involved in a serious altercation with an NYPD officer, spoke out in the aftermath of the incident to insist that he did nothing to provoke Deputy Inspector Johnny Cardona’s right hook.

“The cop just lunged at me full throttle and hit me on the left side of my face,” Rivera-Pitre, a former dancer from Queens, told Gothamist. “It tore my earring out.” NYPD spokesman Paul Browne disputes this claim, saying Rivera-Pitre provoked the attack by attempting to assault Cardona.

The police are seeking to arrest Rivera-Pitre on several charges, but his attorney Ronald Kuby warned against pursuing that line of action.

“On the off chance they were intending to arrest him for injuring the captain’s fist with his jaw, I strongly suggest that you decide not to add insult to injury and avoid such a retaliatory move,” Kuby wrote in a letter to the NYPD.

Rivera-Pitre said he chose the identify himself after leaving the scene because his injury caused blood to be spilled, and he is HIV-positive. “That cop should get tested,” he was quoted as saying."-


.. Didn't think much of this movie when it came out. Just watched it on dvd and I have to say, solid revenge flick. What young girl doesn't dream of being raised as a killer assassin? Sheesh..

Steve Jobs Was an Arab American

The above link is an interesting article about Steve Jobs' biological parents.

Since I try not to be overly bias about things, here's a youtube of Bill Gates jumping over a chair.


Ever wonder who the loneliest creature in the world is? Sad face.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Technology allows you to have youtubes where Steve Jobs circa 2005 at a standford college graduation can speak to you wherever you are on Earth. With genuine passion you can achieve great things. Like inventing Apple. And being a thoughtful, inspiring, human that can change the world without meaning to. Thanks to Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, computer nerds don't have to lead college uprisings against the jocks anymore. But as some say "Bill Gates created the internet, Steve Jobs perfected it!" Okay, totally geeky..

If this Pizza chain makes this good of commercials I'd love to taste their pizza! Anywho- these people asking the tough questions no one else will..

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Thanks Taro!


This is where I've been for the last 48 hours. Not including the 13 hour plane ride where I got about 1 hour of sleep. I watched five consecutive new release movies that basically fried my brain and my eyeballs.

The used clothing stores in Tokyo are pretty damn expensive. This fedex mail material jacket was about $80. I should have snagged the one I thought was overpriced in a Chicago thrift store years ago that was priced at $15. But then again, I got tired of wearing maps a while ago.

Kinda wanted this shirt!

What time is it really?

Michael Jackson face. I feel like breathing would be really hard in this.

I had to take a picture of this older guy wearing this t shirt. He was pretty nice about the photo and then after I took it he said, " I bought it at Zara!" He was super stoked! Bargain shopper?

Hot lips

Melting Dali clock. Wanted to buy it because it was $12. It was the last one there and had a scratch over the 11 and I asked to see if they would give a discount. They said no. Bummer. I need my clocks fresh, yo.

Japanese style Omelete Burrito hybrid.

Melted cheese, beef sauce, tomato rice and egg. Sounds and looks kinda weird but tastes great!

Little farm patch in my friend's neighborhood. Awesome!

Ramen! Ramen is great if you end up drinking all the soup. The soup to me is one of the best parts- flavorful and filling when it's good. The happy ending to a ramen meal.

At C.B.'s shop in Harajuku Hesh Dawgz. I always make it a point to come say hello! Support local skate shops! C.B. and Kira's 8 month old baby Ryoda.

Kira loves Toy Machine. She has the box set at home and bought a turtle boy figure at the shop.

Lost in her baby's mouth. BRB.

The Nike skate park in Shibuya.

Notice the guy is carving into a "China Banks" type situation. Apparently design by Lance Mountain as retold by Taro.

Taro on the left and Kaori on the right. Brought them Autumn shirts to model.

Beef Katsu Curry with pickled radishes. Fatty heaven. Just kidding not fatty, just feel like one.

Mojito beer. Tastes more like Mojito.

This means the seat is broken.

Taro's dj flyer. Epic board graphic.

This bar loves cats!

Taro reppin' 2009 Autumn stickers in 2011!

This bar serves boiled daikon with seasoned tofu and egg. Super good. With a smudge of mustard. Yummy!

Weird japanese big foot guy with oolong green tea and shoju mixed behind him. The little rice cracker balls dance on your taste buds.

Backdrops. We were talking about the Jason Jesse shirt and Taro recommended watching Jason Jessee in Speed Wheels. Nice!!

Manga bar graffiti. Middled aged stringy haired guys eating yakitori and human cats making breakfast. Manga.

The only worthwhile graffiti to take a photo of that I saw was this Styx one. I guess there's a half a neckface one someone almost painted over- but how many of those do I see in New York? Domo Arigato Tokyo. Now I will wake up in 4.5 hours to catch a plane to Hong Kong. Roasted duck and dim sum here I come..!