Friday, November 11, 2011

Is this what video parts are supposed to look like in 2011? Insane. I remember when I used to not like this kid's style at all because all I saw were tiny legs and long dreads. Nyjah Huston has obviously grown into a full on dude and now preys on spots with jaw dropping skateboard maneuvers. Switch flip switch b/s lip down Hollywood high? Unreal.

Enids Tonight; last minute business. Will be tune selecting next Friday as well



Backing this. Gotta click the link to view.

From the womb, some babies listen exclusively to Biggie

Thursday, November 10, 2011


A friend of mine turned me on to Maybe it was unintentional, but it was my only choice for not being able to understand threads of a conversation. I'm trying to figure out if 27 is the age where I am actually old and clueless. I'm clueless enough I guess. I've also been living in New York City for six years and the people I'm around are not like being around people that speak California English at all times. Living away from San Francisco has really taught me to appreciate the vernacular that only exists in the bay. Hence, Mac Dre, Too Short, backpack rap, rice rockets, drinking 40's, half cab flips, weird dreads, Haight Street, grimy ass coffee shops, riding the Muni, Carl's Jr, Safeway hot snacks, cold summers, etc etc.

The site claims 6,199,050 definitions since 1999! I guess Urban dictionary is like my online connection to somebody elses' California English? Or maybe they're just terms people invented last week that nobody uses in real life. This site is almost as entertaining as photoshopping my head in a toilet. Anyway here are a couple of curious terms I'd like to share:

A complete and utter moron. One who is stupid. Often one so stupid, they are compared to human feces.
"Hey shitiot, get off the grass."

When you are texting on your phone and you look suspicious.
"Yeah, he looks hella textspicious."

A "kanyate chop" is an assault on someone when they won't get out of your face when you're in an airport or other public place. You must then take their camera and destroy it because you're an angry, criminal brained, hatemonger and you can't control yourself.

Pictures of yourself, Naked.
"Juan admitted that he had jerked off to Lauren's n00dz."

A Gonzo Dong is a penis that bends, up or down, in a way to make it look like Gonzo's Nose.

n. Port-a-potty, a portable restroom

Chronchitis is bronchitis you get after smoking marijuana nonstop for a long ass time, like when youre stoned all week then you got chronchitis. Symptoms include excessive nasty sounding coughs, and haziness. Cure: lay off the bud for a few days.

The physical and often sexual attaction to non gender specific persons with both male and female gender traits - to be sexually attracted to Susan Boyle.

Whoa, '94 Stevie.

Iron Claw Skates (to Mac Dre's "Mac Who?")

Back in SF for the later holidays. T minus can't fuckin' wait.

Pier7 youtubes. Gotta' do it.

411: Epic roomies edition

Jeezus. I can't believe how bad this Celine campaign is? A totally uninspiring orange skateboard with bedazzled trucks that's missing like Monster Energy drink stickers is somehow appropriate next to a Celine bag? Tragic. As much of a fan of Juergen Teller as I am, this campaign is terrible. Kidult is pretty awesome for putting up the gayest words in skateboarding : "Sk8" on the front door of Celine's flagship store in Paris.


ha. Name dropping is the worst.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

NoBigDeal?Fan out for real. I waited until he finished eating his slice to ask him for a photo. I never ask celebrities for photos but for David Cross, I took off my cool hat and put my dork hat on.

Matt Lily and Wildman. Matt was driving to delaware tonight! He had the best Grateful dead Uncle Costume u ever Saw

Wildman and Lauren!

Julian in front of the Free Wall. Not pictured: Fat Katz Pastrami sandwich with beer and fries!

Thuggish Ruggish

I hate this sticker

Tumeric Hand

Haven't seen an Aesthetics sticker in a decade!

Bomb Beer? I guess

Shan Deezy and Shelly!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Keep it movin!

Old Timey DQM hat and extra tiny vans hi top keychain- check

Monday, November 7, 2011

Sunday, November 6, 2011


Went by Zuccotti Park after the shoot. Not sure how I feel about tent city a month or so after my first visit. I had been drinking wine so as we walked by I confidently yelled stuff. I yelled stuff about how it was great that the banks backed down out of the $5 atm fee probably largely in part to the efforts of OWS. Some people agreed enthusiastically and asked if I was from California. Ha! I was carrying an oversized duffle on my back from an all day photoshoot- I said yes. I guess my Californian disposition really shows when I drink wine. This older man for a minute probably had this idea that I had hitchhiked my way to New York accompanied by a Cat Stevens soundtrack. Maybe in an alternate universe I did ride a cosmic train to OWS. We continued speaking for a minute in a little offshoot group with some others. A younger man in a red jacket curiously asked me where in California to which I said "San Francisco." He then turned around and yelled "Oakland!" at the people behind him. As we spoke, a peoples' microphone was happening- where one person speaks as a large group repeats back what they say. Perhaps it was my wine daze, but OWS began to appear like a cult with this enveloping tent city and groups of people repeating back the words of one centralized person. It kind of weirded me out.

From where my friends and I stood, a guy from Philly came up to us after hearing our cultish observations. He fully agreed. Like other visitors, he was impressed at how many more people showed up to the New York one. Another guy with stringy brown hair and a cream t shirt came up to us and began to chime in as I made remarks about the tent city and how much it puzzled me. To me, the presence of the tent city is that of looking at a scene from a European music festival minus the acres of grass. As one would expect at any popular music festival, the residents seem to be bizarre, fringe characters and crusty looking hippie/punks/whatever. With the whole police yelling at you if you start to flood the sidewalk, it made me wonder how much of the tent space has limited visitors to stand and participate since I last popped by.

The second guy that had come up to us claimed he lived in the park saying that it was self sufficient and great. He seemed defensive which was fine with me, so I guess he came up to defend the tents? I said it basically looked like a homeless encampment though I understood why it was there. And I can appreciate the fact that people can harsh through the weather but when you have what seemed like hundreds of tents and makeshift homes, the words visual pollution start to come to mind. Even the Defender of the Tents somewhat agreed on it's shabby overall appearance and said they were working on getting military style tents. I figure I wouldn't hold my breath. I guess it was kind of a bummer to see the park looking the way it did because I could actually understand how and why Bloomberg could claim that the park looked unsanitary.

He asked me what I did and I told him I was a shoe designer. He started telling me that people offered to teach workshops and that I should teach a workshop to make shoes. I kind of wanted to smack him in the face. What the fuck does teaching people how to make shoes have anything to do with OWS? Okay I see the relevance of setting up a food kitchen and even holding talks with experts about policy reform or something. I guess I can understand people giving away free haircuts or even showing people how to silkscreen their own OWS t shirts? It was just kind of insulting that he made that comment because it seemed so far fetched that someone would want to use even more of this public space to create a makeshift commune where every hippie fantasy is creatively met at any whim. How about suggesting practical things? Like getting some corporate accountants to teach people how to pay less taxes in April? This guy must have been puffing on something cause I think for a second he was trying to assign me a village role. Why couldn't he just ask me to donate fruit snacks or something? I wonder if he's ever asked someone that worked at Dominos to give free pizza workshops at Liberty Park.

Although I believe real change can happen when people talk to each other; sometimes I really hate talking to people. Sea of People not Sea of Tents.