Saturday, November 26, 2011

I usually hate, seriously HATE, going to Union Pool. Back in 2006 or so it was fine, then I had a racist, lame experience with one of the female bartenders and was over it. This was before they had the taco truck in the back.. Anyways, in the last two weeks I've found myself wandering back into it's happy hour doors because of a few friends performing. The back room is sick for shows in my opinion. Here's Wildman being rad and pointing at things.

That evening Wildman was going to perform solo. That being said I had to put aside my anti-union pool sentiments and support

Wildman got outwardly emotional with his lyrics which was rad to see. I wasn't really sure what to expect. An out of tune guitar, lots of feelings, and lyrics of minds being lost. Backing it.

The next band was three drummers from three relatively popular bands: Ryan Sawyer, Kid Millions, Brian Chase.

They basically played one non stop set and everyone watched. As you can see here: a watcher

I was stoked because I love watching drummers. I guess I was expecting something a little more climatic with three drummers, but it was still good nonetheless. They played non stop for a while. You can see simultaneous, in stool, back stretching manuveurs.

One-census is thumbz up

Some people try to look cool at shows by crossing their arms..

Others lay in front of the stage, with a " I don't give a fuck" written in invisible ink on their foreheads (covered by bangs).

Wildman and friends

Wildman stance

I guess these dudes are old school rippers who play so loud, they make people shit their pants. Just kidding- but Wildman was telling me they played a show where the speakers or something caught on fire.

Wild pits

The following week, saw El Dorado play. Brian is in this band, which means half of everyone from Enids was at Union Pool yelling Sky Dog 420!

Sk8er birthday admist taco truck/bonfire land. I am backing the guacamole at that taco truck.

Nordstrom's birthday=Happy camping

Shelly/Jill/Jordan face trifecta

Jack and Catbone. Have to give Jack credit for that name.

I gave Jack layering props that night. I appreciate people that can layer colors well. He also asked me if I was giving him layering props and I instantly felt stoops.

Blurry faces. I hate dudes that fuck with my hat when I'm out. "What's HOPPPSSSS??"

Urfman and Brian

Urf pose

Show n' Tell

Catbone and his Thizz face

Hm.. ripper? Thanks to Taro for putting this on bookface

Awesome. Very Dead Millkmen-esque.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Pretty epic way to find out you're pro

Girl/Chocolate always on the razor sharp edge of technology. Sheesh.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thirty minutes of twirly, theatrical, fashion fun! Issey Miyake and others at FIT in 1975.

Kenzo fashion show at Studio 54, 1977. Grace Jones and Jerry Hall somewhere in the mix.

It's almost 2012, why wouldn't you have seen a youtube of Grace Jones getting a haircut? Who looks that good getting a haircut? Mind boggling.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011