Saturday, December 10, 2011


By combining two pre-taxidermied wolves into one, artist Nicholas Galanin has created a startling piece. Called Inert Wolf, it was made for a traveling group exhibition that deals with humanity’s impact on the environment. “The inability to progress or move forward was the basic concept,” he tells us. It was created so that we could focus on those that are “affected by societies’ sprawl.”

Originally, Galanin was going to use polar bears, “as they are, politically, in the spotlight surrounding climate change,” but ended up using wolves instead.

“I look at this piece in cultural terms,” he says. “Mainstream society often looks at Indigenous or Native American art through a romantic lens, not allowing a culture like my Tlingit community room for creative sovereign growth. The back half of this piece is contained, a captured trophy or rug to bring into the home, while the front continues to move. It is sad and the struggle is evident.

- via Galanin.In

Friday, December 9, 2011

Landed in Hong Kong Sunday for the fourth time this year! Sat bitch next to two huge guys on economy for 14 hours. Upside: Cathay Pacific economy is probably as good as you can get. Since I'm in Hong Kong/China so often these days, I've become more comfortable with getting around. I'm even accumulating go-to food spots which is excellent. Recently found out there was an Ippudo HK and even a Coco Ichibanya Curry House close to where I usually stay at.

This is pretty much what China and Hong Kong are filled with. So many oversized, full priced, name brand luxury boutiques and shopping centers. Not uncommon to see roped off lines for Hermes. I don't really get it. But it's a different culture where a lot of people wear luxury brand uniforms day in and day out.

Hong Kong is really hilly. It reminds me of San Francisco. Aside from the bamboo scaffolding, this could be Chinatown. But it's way better than Chinatown- it's fucking Hong Kong.

Gettin' all artsy and shit

Anti-fried chicken

International Manholes.

Primary flare

Saw this random bouquet in a construction area. Makes me want to not get married. But it does make me want to stick my face in a bouquet of fresh flowers.

Then I saw this cat. A friggin' mysteriously cute cat. I'm a sucker for those.

New cat friend giving me the finger

Skycat, ruler of the paper box galaxy

Exotic bird outside of a restaurant. I was all " wuuuutt??"

Got in close for a picture, only to realize there were two random dudes behind me trying to see what I was taking a photo of. Hawkward.

I love the colors in Hong Kong. So many of the buildings have so much character. And the tourists look really fucking lost sometimes.

Spider web crates.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

OWS Holiday Bazaar. Forwarded this by a friend who participates in many ows events, including this one.

Here is a current list of confirmed workshops:

Guerrilla Gardening: Seed Bomb The City, Transform The Space

Presenter: Winnie (Sustainability)

Various Workshop On Fermentation (Food Justice) 
Presenter: TBA

An Introduction to Climate Science
Presenter: Patrick Robbins (Sustainability)

The Alternative Economy Think Tank (Alternative Economy) 

How To Make Your Own Tea And Herbal Medicine
Presenter: Nick (Tea And Herbal Medicine) 

Live Demonstrations Of The OWS/Times Up NRG Bikes
Presenters: Keegan, George, Brennan (Sustainability) 

How To Survive A Blackout: End Times Candle Making
Presenter: Sarah (Sustainability)

How To Occupy A Hood
Presenter: Malik and Preach

Fortune Telling And Life Counseling
Presenter: Melissa (POC) 

Be Your Own Home Plumber
Presenter: Rebecca Bone (Evolver)

Menace Part 2!

Via Ignored Prayers and Arab Parrot! Awesome 45 minute youtube French report featuring Wu Tang Clan, Lord Jamar (Brand Nubian), Red fox, Greg Tate, Vicious Chuck D (Public Enemy), Guru, Supernatural, lasts poets, Afrika Bambaataa, Fuman Chooz..


Really cute mocassins from Manimal. Digging the logo usage for a new twist on this classic.

View MANIMALmocassins here

View MANIMALanklebooties here

The Mummies

Sham 69