Saturday, December 24, 2011


Been a sunken battleship for the last few days. Perhaps due to a killer combination of a major hang over, jet lag, and a possible food induced sickness the day before I flew back from Hong Kong. That lasted for three days. Only now do I truly feel what death might feel like. It literally feels like a desert in your mouth, throbbing temples that refuse to let you sleep, zero energy, the expulsion of bodily fluids, shit for brains, and total appetite loss. FML. I was so fucked, to laugh actually hurt.

Anyway, a friend ( Sean Kelling ) recently posted this on facebook and had to share it because Gary Warnett is on point with a lot of his insight. To me, the article is almost ironic because hypebeast, in many ways, seems to crossover to the same demographic of people this article is attempting to call out. I'm not saying everyone that reads hypebeast is like that, but I think the same people that probably follow hypebeast on twitter were the same fiends that would show up at Autumn asking for "Superman" dunks or even worse "Teddy Bear" dunks. What are you? Fucking 12? Embarassing. I'm not saying I didn't used to love wearing Nike dunks, I did. But I stopped wearing them after 2003 because even I got tired of my bright red dunks with black swooshes. Guys that wear questionable sneakers are like girls that wear wedge sneakers- I honestly don't get it. Don't test Nike with the whole "supply and demand" thing because they got enough color ways, toy fabric, collaborations, and limited edition ploys to sell to the outer galaxies.

To get an idea of the article here are some quote grabs..

"Menswear blogs might be influential, but there’s still a feeling of an emperor trotting around in Allen Edmonds Double Monkstraps, but sans clothes, resulting in an oral history of something that could’ve just been summarised with, “We got bored of Dunks so we write paragraphs about pants.”

"Once you go wack, you never go back."

"Camo shorts, beards, Dirty Bucks, beards and no fucking depth will get you far in life, but this uniform look masquerading as individuality is a solitary placket detail away from Ed Hardy douchebaggery."

THE HATE LIST 2011link


Here's a good example of the kinds of hypebeast "Streetsnaps" that perpetuate the grievances this author has with a generation's waning individuality. To simply entitle this one "The Skater" is completely retarded. Whoever chose to take a photo of this guy obviously knows almost nothing about skating, besides how to spell skater. For starters, his shoes and his grip look pristine. Dead giveaway. If you go to the link you'll see he's rockin' a fancy watch with green numbers. I don't know any skateboarders that wear watches when they skate- watch tans are for longboarders. But I don't know, he might actually "skate"- it's the fact that this dude has been given the savvy title of "The Skater" that fuels my distaste for so many Sartorialist wannabe style snappers. I don't care how many free lunches hypebeast pays "Karl Hab" to take photos for them, I will that Karl never take a "skater" photo again. Most people that skate every day ( or close to it) that I know don't actually look like they give a shit about what they wear. If they get free shit they wear all their free shit and usually actual "Skaters" look like walking billboards for their companies- very unsartorial-esque and their shoes are usually peeling off layers of foxing (product placement no no). I don't trust "photographers" that just shoot people with "cool" clothes or that shoot people who are just insanely attractive. I think that shit is a lie.

I think these kinds of voyeuristic snapshots into peoples' daily wardrobes ( lives ) in turn help other people ( questionably unimaginative people ) create and reinvent themselves as they would also like to be perceived. And you know the people that actually care to look at all these photos are either people that work in the industry, people casually looking through photos, or straight up style fiends and wardrobe biters that take shit too seriously. Once upon a time people had to discover shit on their own. They had to embrace who they were by wearing terrible earrings, chokers, over puffing tongues in skate shoes, bad t shirts, and wearing chunky docs that people thought you were a skinhead for wearing ( depending on where you lived ). Now everything's been repackaged ten times over and some no name brands are as expensive as name brands because that's how illogical some things panned out. The problem is people want to idolize "outsider" fashion and activity without any of the authenticity, passion, thought, or questioning. And that's the biggest disservice of all.

During my 10 day stay in San Francisco, I myself might even feel inspired to write a Top Ten Hate list of 2011, which don't include the things I just mentioned. Damn, I hate a lot of shit.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Emergency Hall and Oates hotline. No fuggin' joke!!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011



When you see a compilation of viral videos, just think of how proud all of Earth's ancient civilizations would be to know that humans have come this far!


Found this online. Like whoa

Jack Sabback and Kevin Tierney all up in the Berrics' Off The Grid. Makes me wish summer type weather was all year round in New York!


And a Brian Delatorre, Kevin Coakley, and Yaje throw back berrics clip



Sandwiched between 21 days of nightly James Bond movies on HBO Asia and reruns of CSI Miami, there are plenty of bored passing minutes in my hotel room. I figured tonight I'd see if the internet could teach me anything new. If google results are fueled by the popularity of real humans typing, referencing, and germinating this kind of hateful crap, I imagine the internet as a person would be a big racist shithead! In more trivial news, it apparently has a boner for mixed races! Maybe I'll recheck these search words in a year and see if the internet's grown a cyber heart.

"Take these chips away from me!" Shit Girls Say episode 2

If you think cats do funny things, you'll want to wait for the end..

Sunday, December 18, 2011

haha! Portlandia's invasion of the DJ zombies!!

If only the world had more people that didn't care to make money then maybe we would have cooler things like casual umbrella repair stalls. Maybe society should encourage repair shops and trades more just so they can support an economy of non-wasteful living? If the world weren't such a money hungry black hole, we all could lead simpler, easier, lives.

E.V. Day's Mummified Barbies, 1991 - Present

Artist Statement
The “Mummified Barbies” acknowledge Barbie as an icon, as idealized and exaggerated as any mythological depiction of Venus or Aphrodite. By concealing the attributes and accessories that characterize her image, I aim to locate Barbie in a long history of glamorized feminine figures. Wrapping and silencing this vivacious action figure into a phallic totem, we have a chance to see her more objectively. Mummifying and shrouding Barbie literally ties her to ancient and ongoing cultural practices of fetishizing the female form.


rebelYOUTH of the 1950's-1960's