Friday, December 30, 2011

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Wake up and smell the mallards!

Jay's epic knit sweater

He got layers! (Also a cabin in Bodega? hell yeah!)

Daisy's army

Karl getting rad; cheersing the loser with the camera ( me )

I probably didn't mention Karl and I bought a three pack of high intensity tactical flashlights from Costco. Yes, that happened.

Most importantly, it came with a third setting of like flickering rave, clubby lights. It was on

Combination of manning two flashlights and getting my camera to work.

This kind of looks like a weird Tesla science experiment. And somebody's goggles are itching.

Matt gets down with the Branca. I think he swore off drinking the next day.

Karl getting rad! Obviously his power shirt is working.

There was a projector in the mix.

Aka dancing.


Karl; king of goosefeathers

A few of us were up til past 4am and started wondering where everyone disappeared to. Sleepytime gets the last word.

Next day. Gorgeous Bodega Bay !

No big deal.

That's a cactus because it's pokey

Wrapped up with an epic Marina Sub in the city. Toasty and extra avocado for the unstingy California sandwich.