Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Fuck this stupid fake Autumn Bowl bullshit. Saw this on someone's facebook and was forwarded this by Dogbone. Apparently these toolbags approached Autumn Dave about using the name and he said no. But obviously they went ahead regardless. Like why even ask if you already plan on exploiting the name?  This is so wrong on so many levels. To capitalize on a name that other people built up and maintained from nothing for the sake of having some cheesy, trending, Williamsburg event space makes me want to give evil side eyes for the rest of my life. 


The Autumn Bowl was built in 1890 on the Greenpoint waterfront as part of the American Rope Factory’s maritime operations. Named after its past incarnation as a speakeasy skate park, The Autumn Bowl will host a series of site-specific installations and performances by artists working primarily with light, sound, and projection. The series, curated by NBNY, will illuminate this impressively tall former industrial space and highlight its potential as a hub of creative activity.

The Autumn Bowl supports engrossing and intimate viewer experiences within a 360-degree video projection and sound environment. Connect with us on Facebook for announcements and updates.

Did they just put speakeasy and skate park together? Whoever wrote this is fucking fired. From life. And sure there is nothing wrong with establishing a new hub of "creative activity" but the fact is you could have called it the American Rope Factory or a million other things. You could even start with two really terrible combination of English language words like "Speakeasy Skatepark" and take it from there. But no, you're gonna call it "The Autumn Bowl" because you are a bunch of shitty opportunistic douchebags who can't take no for an answer. And thank you for making  it semi awkward to reuse the name Autumn Bowl should that ever happen in the future. Their logo makes me want to eat a burger. I can just see it now, people rocking their new "THE AUTUMN BOWL" t shirts. Makes me cringe but prepares me for the fact I will tell someone their shirt sucks if I should see that.

UPDATE 10/10: It has been wisely suggested that people engage in upperdecking all toilets on premiss. If you think about it this addresses two things at once: a legitimate form of protest that challenges the institution while basically being the equivalent of leaving flowers on a porcelain headstone. 

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