Monday, November 26, 2012

Hey. If Taiwan has it's own Vice show it must be cool now! Don't know who Eddie Huang is but he's rockin' a Max Fish Jeremy Lin shirt- tight. Don't know about his dad calling some people "japs" all up in Din Tai Fung but whatevz.. Sounds like something a Chinese person who hates Japanese people because of the war would say.. Comment most likely indicates Eddie Huang's Taiwanese roots do not extend to grandparents living in Taiwan during the Japanese empire*.. But, props to Eddie for writing a book about Taiwanese immigrants and their children. I'll have to read it. I wonder on what side of the Taiwanese political spectrum he and his family identify with. Pro China vs Pro Taiwan.. What up FAMILY MART? I miss you, delicious melon and apple milk. Thanks to Ying my fellow Taiwanese American for this heads up.

UPDATE: Heavy Discussion's Taiwanese correspondant : MY DAD is on the ground in Taipei saying that Eddie's dad is a dickhead. Based on bar/friend affiliations and the like. Heavy Discussion has been hearing a lot of Hear/Say. But we will let the evidence speak for itself. However, I must mention that skepticism was definitely aroused when I checked with Marc Razo tonight to inquire about this Jeremy Lin x Max Fish wearing dude of VBS notoriety. 

I know for a fact that Andrew Kuo made X amount of Jeremy Lin Max Fish t-shirts because I was there when they had a full assortment of sizes. Spencer Fujimoto came in that very evening and bought like ten LARGES because it was his chosen t shirt of the summer. He basically wiped out the inventory of Max Fish x Jeremy Lin  LARGE t shirts. Therefore, my vague investigation skills have yielded that he must know someone I know. But alas, I have not found that connection yet. My one clue is Max Fish, and like a good detective I will sniff out the truth. 

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