Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Went to see Patti Smith, Neil Young and Crazy Horse at Madison Square Garden last night. Super sick show. Like an idiot I forgot my real camera when I went to work in the morning and only had an iphone to document the evening's event. First of all.. Patti Smith is a fucking bad ass. 65 years old and as stoked as ever on World Peace and respecting Mother Nature. Both Neil and Patti's voices are still as dynamic as listening to a record, their voices powerful and unmistakable- resonating throughout the venue.  Watching them perform even at like a thousand feet away was mesmerizing. Patti Smith performed a song in tribute for Jimi Hendrix's would be 70th birthday. The fact Jimi Hendrix would have been 70 kind of blew my mind. Then I started thinking one day in the future, maybe 200 years from now, teenagers will have shrines in their room built to this Jimi Hendrix guitar deity. 

I like this photo because Neil Young is killing it, power stance wise. The colors and the flannel make me feel like I'm watching this legend at a 90's MTV unplugged event.

During the intermission they had these people in white lab coats rush around stage. It was pretty unexpected but effectively awesome. They played The Beatles and the multiple beers I had throughout the evening erased my memory of which song was playing. Dammit. Maybe it was "A Day In The Life".

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