Saturday, February 4, 2012

Design powerhouse Charles and Ray Eames ( married ) also dabbled a lot in film. Good for the rest of us.

Let's take another glance at David Choe. David Choe x Danny Trejo. Epic crossing of paths? Life.

Friday, February 3, 2012

If you haven't already read about David Choe's insane come up on some facebook stocks. It's basically the workings of the American Dream. Good for him. Creative humans getting theirs- can't hate on that!


Brookyln tomorrow night! Me and my friend Jason all night @ Enids. If you don't know, now you know!

Sickest video to come out in a long time. M.I.A. handling that shit. Thanks for the post Wildman!

Lesson here: Don't fuck with crabs in prison..

Sampling short from the 1988. Dope.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

I eat out a lot. Living in New York City with a full time job, I find it almost irresistable to check out new spots. I started "yelping" a few weeks ago. I have no idea why. Maybe a 27th year life crisis? Ah, well I guess the reasoning behind it is if a small spot is good, I figure positive comments can only help peoples' business. Decided to check out "Red Farm" in the West Village. Saw someones' review of the dumplings as "better than Joe's Shanghai", so I had to taste for myself.
Got the pork and crab dumplings. Okay. Whoever wrote that review talking about these dumplings being better than Joe's Shanghai is trippin'. They were good- but let's be serious. Joe's Shanghai is by far one of the best soup dumpling spots in NY.
My friend ordered this lobster dish with scrambled egg and some other stuff in it. Yes, "other stuff" is the limit of my culinary vernacular. I am not a food blogger, I'm a food lurker..
Wasn't as hungry as my friend's " last meal before execution" dish, so I opted for the duck breast over korean noodle discs. ( No they don't call them discs either..) The duck was good- but some of the best duck I've ever had has come from San Francisco's Chinatown and Hong-fucking-Kong.
Another evening went to check out this little spot on the "bloody angle" in Chinatown. This place has been around since the 1920s.. when Chinese immigrants were probably still rocking the long braid, smoking poppy tears, and eating shui mai.
This place wasn't bad- filling, but it's definitely worth a check out if you like pork and shrimp based dim sum only. The menu is rather limited ( versus the traditional dim sum cart , endless options experience ). Given the history and quirky decor, definitely a cool NY spot to check out. There was a wall with celebrities and their autographs. I especially enjoyed the Kirsten Dunst one where she wrote " Thanks for the help" or something.
Chinese/Italian vibes
Bought some art from Max at the last Max Fish art show. Swung by his apartment to pick up some pieces. Unfortunately, like most things I didn't get to see the show until it's last week and was unable to bid on my more favorite pieces! Max and I forget the other guys' name have been doing "Cheap Art" art shows for decades I believe. They were actually the first art show at the Fish apparently.
Max and a piece he did that I bought. Unironic paint splattered clothing.
Popped by Minca, had to get myself a bowl of delicious ramen!
Pork gyoza. Yowza- super good, soft, and fresh.
Ramen gang. Broth Life.

On the train this morning to work, I heard a pregnant 17 year old talk about her problems to her mother. Apparently her 17 year old friend found out she had breast cancer recently. Her symptoms included a slight cold which she did not think much of at the time.. and when the doctors found the cancer it was too late. The girl on the train also mentioned how this girl's mother was a crack addict when she was a baby, and that when she was born, she was yellow ( jaundice? ) and twitching. That's some real shit right there. The other day I also heard about two suicides in the news. The world is a very strange place with those that look to end their lives do it because they might feel there's no other way, while others have no choice because the choice has been made for them. I feel like in this life you're not guaranteed anything, but every day is a chance to do something meaningful.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Impalas, Cadillacs and Rivieras. In the Lowrider Coloring Book, you will color the classic and most popular Lowrider models. Lowrider culture reaches back to 1930s Los Angeles, where it became popular for style-conscious Latino-Americans to load their cars with sandbags to bring it closer to the road. Style was everything, and when lowered cars were banned in California in the 1950s, it became necessary to find a way to raise and lower the car simply to avoid fines. The solution was to use hydraulics from old fighter planes left over from World War II. The rapper Kid Frost showcased lowriding in the early 90s hit Lowrider, and since then, the cars are closely associated with hip hop culture. Today, lowriding is bigger than ever with thousands of enthusiasts in most parts of the world. All strive to outdo each other with the most elegant varnish, interior, hydraulics, chrome and rims. The custom cars you'll be coloring in the Lowrider Coloring book were converted by some of the best and most legendary enthusiasts.-via youtube link

Dope. Where my prisma markers at!?

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Screwboo reblogz.

Monday, January 30, 2012

wheel in the sky
awesome shoes