Saturday, February 11, 2012

Wut! Thanks to Brian for this one

Uh.. Sick.


Yeah. SO. the internet blew UP with LINsanity! And to think I had no idea who this guy was. But not a surprise because again, I don't follow basketball.. I watched the game tonight vs. the Lakers. KOBE WHO? I never watched basketball because it was simply NOT FUN TO WATCH. At least since I bought a Hardaway jersey in '97 and thought wearing Pippin shoes two sizes too big was tight. Now that Lin is playing as a point guard the way he is, I have EVERY reason to watch the Knicks. Couple that with the fact the Knicks are buried with injured players this season, we'll have to see what happens when the team is at their full potential. Lin played up to the the hype, if not more- it was amazing to watch, not a ball hog for real. It was like watching a man on the fucking MOON. A man on the moon is equivalent to the first American born Asian( Chinese/Taiwanese ) guy ( in 50 years NBA wise; see MISAKA ) leading a win over the fucking LAKERS in Madison Square Garden. I don't give a shit what anyone thinks, HE KILLED IT. And he gives Asian Americans every reason to be proud of somebody like themselves who just did his thing and CAME UP; despite the stereotypes and the odds.

By the way, no cars in LA were harmed tonight. FEB 10th, I officially became a KNICKS FAN. For better or for worse, when it comes to basketball, I'm all the way NEW YORK! And that's a HUGE thing.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Is Jim Phillips wearing UGGS? so bummed. Oh well. He rules. What a rule breaker that guy.

Middle Eastern drifting. Whoa.

Thursday, February 9, 2012


Melvin of Miss Lily's and Melvin's Juice Bar. Poked into this new juice bar addition on Sullivan Street yesterday. He was at the door super stoked, greeting everyone. Good vibes! Also doesn't hurt there's an adjoining record shop where their namesake Miss Lily's Radio records out of. Picked up "Dancehall Queen" the dvd and a Studio One early years compilation.


Both my friend I preferred the more laid back surroundings of the juice bar compared to the restaurant. Although Miss Lily's restaurant is upbeat, trendy, and has great decor ( as well as a different menu ), at the end of the day I'm the kind of person that prefers chill vibes over trendy ones. Jamaican food though- so delicious! Plus crazy healthy juices to make me feel less bad for having a monster appetite. Ordered their most popular: Body Good juice. And yes. It is $9 but for $9 you get kale, collard greens, green chard, celery, apple, lemon, ginger liquified for your juicetastic consumption.

Ordered a Jerk Chicken Roti. Doesn't look super impressive straight away but it took me like an hour to eat. It was so good. Smothered jerk chicken with rice, beans, soft cooked cucumbers and other things I can't remember. Couple that with their spicy Scotch Bonnet Pepper sauce. Done deal. Stretchers needed for exiting.

Sophie Blackall for the MTA. Saw her art for the subway recently and thought it was super rad.. Etsy coverage of the artist's process.

No. This blog did not start blogging itself in two languages. Still an English speaking blog. Got forwarded this by my dad the other day: Jeremy Lin. The Knicks, duh. Based on this Taiwanese talk show interview, I don't think he speaks mandarin fluently? But it doesn't matter because he answers everything in English to my full comprehension benefit. And yes, they ask him about the racism he's encountered and also about doing his homework. It is an Asian talk show afterall.. I got to say- I'm not sure if I've ever met a Taiwanese/Chinese guy so immersed in Christianity before. But it's not that scary to listen to, he's so soft spoken and seemingly humble he actually seems to have a lot of perspective.

Being basketball clueless, I managed to barely miss his game with the Nets ( Knicks vs. Bulls wise ). This guy is featured on Yahoo for still sleeping on his brother's couch before signing a $800,000 contract. Bay Area Asians rising to basketball prominence- not mad at that. I might not have been a Knicks fan at the beginning of the week..

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Monday, February 6, 2012

Key and Peele's first season. Not even trying to compare it to the Chappelle show.. Couldn't stop laughing at this skit. Towards the end they made a really bad joke about "When did Asian guys become so cool? Ya'll stole break dancing." I guess Asian guys also stole DJ'ing, drag racing, skateboarding, and any other cultural, remotely cool by product of living in America. I get so annoyed at these Asian jokes I guess because there really isn't anyone out there to counter them. Well I guess there's always Jin but whatever I guess he stole rap. But fuck that, Ancient China introduced gunpowder, tea, paper, explosives, playing cards, silk and all this other shit to the world yet we get zero credit for that. Haters, now everyone thinks Chinese people are only good for bootlegging The Hangover or Shrek. Racism.

Strangely enough, researching into my mother's side, I found out another dimension to my Chinese American history. I already knew my great grandfather was part of the Chinese labor that helped built the Transcontinental railroad in the third or so wave of Chinese immigrants that moved to California. What I didn't know was that his father had worked on farms in California before him, and that originally my great-great-great grandfather had lived in San Francisco selling coal at a small shop in Chinatown. Going back to China in April, I'm going to look further into it as I plan on visiting my maternal hometown of Hoisan. It'll be a trip. I plan on visiting some ancestral tombs that are still being maintained and finding out more about these mysterious family members that had I not gone digging, would have vanished with the faint memories of my aging relatives.

San Francisco's Chinatown was the port of entry for early Hoisanese and Zhongshanese. Chinese immigrants from the Guangdong province of southern China from the 1850s to the 1900s.[16] The area was the one geographical region deeded by the city government and private property owners which allowed Chinese persons to inherit and inhabit dwellings within the city. The majority of these Chinese shopkeepers, restaurant owners, and hired workers in San Francisco Chinatown were predominantly Hoisanese and male. Many Chinese found jobs working for large companies seeking a source of labor, most famously as part of the Central Pacific[12] on the Transcontinental Railroad. Other early immigrants worked as mine workers or independent prospectors hoping to strike it rich during the 1849 Gold Rush.-via wikipedia

Since high school I've been obsessed with reading about topics like the "Yellow Peril" and the Chinese Exclusion Act. The Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 was the first immigration restriction law aimed at a single ethnic group. This law, along with other immigration restriction laws such as the Geary Act, greatly reduced the numbers of Chinese allowed into the country and the city, and in theory limited Chinese immigration to single males only. Chinese people were basically not allowed to start families in America because everyone else was a dude. And also to think I grew up on Geary street.

Every time I see historical movies based on America in the 1800's or early 1900's ( Gangs of New York etc), I always see the alien "Chinaman" who scurry around with their long braids and their hands behind their backs. Now knowing that I have history that goes back to that time, when my great-great-great grandfather was a part of the Yellow Terror, it makes me feel more compelled to learn even more about it. Despite several generations of Chinese people having lived, worked, and contributed to American society, Chinese people are still seen as outsiders just because of the way we look. Like last week I went to the doctor and he asked me " You seem really Americanized, are you first generation? " It's comments like that that irritate me. I wonder how often that question comes up for people who don't look Chinese? Is my "Americanness" really an appropriate ice breaker? The point of this story is never forget your roots and fuck stupid questions. Also, America still is the Land of Opportunity. I think I got it pretty easy compared to my ancestors who had to make treacherous 3-4 week journeys across the ocean to work as despised cheap labor in the Wild West. No matter how bad we think we have it now, there really is no comparison. They started coming here like 150+ years ago so I could blog shit on the interwebs and understand stupid American jokes about Tom Cruises' sexuality. Wow that might actually be sad.. Just kidding. Anyway, knowledge is power. Or so I was told. Wait, I wonder who I stole my sense of humor from? The White man, the Black man, the Brown Man, the Red Man, or the Alien inside my brain? Because if it's one thing American culture has taught me is that almost everything has been stolen from someone else? And I guess that's really, really old news because last time I checked this whole country was basically stolen.


Outside the Time Life building, working New Yorkers.

At the Lego Store. Stoked on customized lego people.

Celebrity Row at the Knicks vs. Bulls game. Anna Wintour- posing photo

Canine Onesie