Saturday, February 18, 2012

This headline was up for 35 minutes before it got pulled. Really? They can't think of anything else to describe Jeremy Lin's performance? Not clever, not witty, just straight up RACIST. Hard to imagine out of all the possible combination of words in the English language this is what they came up with.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Martín found this at the Autumn bowl towards it's end days. Life is full of change, still changing as a matter of fact. Go with it or get rolled over..

Fornicate and DOMINATE.. oh Mike!

Big Audio Dynamite video directed by Jim Jarmusch

ODB- missed.

Life.. I wonder..

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Getting weird with Krang at my apartment. This is the Krang from my actual childhood. He was at one point a pencil topper and he somehow managed to make it to New York with me. A testament to my hoarderness- do not forget Krang while moving 3,000 miles away from home! Background wise, painted a card tonight for a very special someone.

Saw a dude on the street today with these "ombre" jeans. It was gross out- raining and cold. But these dudes pants were on fire! Could not resist but to ask him for a photo of these treasure trove leg coverings. I want these pants in every color they can dip dye them in.

Some Fall 2012 ankle boots for G.S. I designed with quirky socks in mind!

If it's one thing I'm good at- it's sucking at photoshop. Supreme can keep Obama! Fuck it- Jeremy Lin for Autumn 2012 Spring!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Exerpt from NPR article, "Looking for Lin In All The Wrong Places" by Frank Deford-

"But none of the geniuses — not one scout, one coach, one general manager — could see what everyone sees now when it's fashionable. None of the people paid to envision, could envision. Obviously, some of it was simply that Lin wasn't the right heritage. No, I'm not saying basketball people are prejudiced against Asian-Americans. It's just the usual common stupidity of stereotyping. It wasn't just a matter of race. Scouts tend to be uncomfortable with anything different.

Now it's wonderful for Jeremy Lin that he finally got his chance. It's wonderful for fans that we got a lovely surprise. It's wonderful for Asian-Americans that they've got a new athletic hero. It's even wonderful for the Knicks, who don't deserve it, because their owner is the biggest creep in professional sports.

But what is so disappointing is that Lin finally was given his opportunity only because about a half-dozen weird happenstances happened to occur — the owners' lockout, salary-cap manipulations, trades that fell through, injuries and, at last, a coach's sheer desperation. Talk about divine intervention.

But, in counterpoint, what is so dispiriting is to contemplate not only how many basketball players, but how many other athletes, how many artists and actors and musicians and writers, how many special creative talents never get fulfilled because the so-called experts are always looking in the same places.

Jeremy Lin is a success, and hooray for him, but his example tells us that there are, surely, so many more brilliant might-have-beens in our midst who never get a chance.

And that's the sad part to such a happy ending.


Exerpt from NYT article, "Jeremy Lin's Grandmother Watches, Along With Taiwan" by Keith Bradsher-

"While in the car, Lin’s uncle volunteered his views on one of the most contentious questions on the Internet about Jeremy Lin and his family: whether they are Taiwanese or Chinese. “For sure, they are Taiwanese,” Lin Chi Chung said. “I spoke to Jeremy Lin’s father, who is my younger brother, and he said, ‘Make sure you point this out.’ ”


Taiwanese newspaper headlines

Got on Instagram today. Super-retardedly-slow at figuring this ap out. Actually just really slow at acclimating to my Iphone. More importantly, got my Knicks hat. Lin embroidery soon to follow. Follow me @ heavydiscussion if you are on there.


The Simpson's Limited Edition 500th Episode Bart Slasher Deck

At $84 a pop, a customized Matt Groening Bart Slasher deck for your compulsive buying needs.

Don't know how I found this weird guy. Is this what skating on the moon feels like?


Missed the game- but hell yeah!!!!!

Monday, February 13, 2012



Duh. Fucking love Whitney! A talent like hers is unforgettable. Will miss that smile. RIP.

39th grammy awards. February 26th 1997. Whitney Houston
Brandy. Cece winans. Mary J Blige. Aretha Franklin. Chaka Kahn