Saturday, March 3, 2012



Uhhhh. I'm so annoyed right now. "Has society become oversensitive with race?" Seriously? Here's a great idea, let's have a roundtable discussion with ESPN people about whether or not ESPN thinks the Asian American community has become "oversensitive" with race. Oh yeah we are also the same group of people who brought you "CHINK IN THE ARMOR".

What it really boils down to is not whether hispanics, blacks, or gays are oversensitive by this "Asian American" wave of media stereotypes? But whether the Asian American community is. It's like Hey I'm black and I can be really P.C. about the choice of words I use (i.e. Asian American enterprise to describe Asian restaurants?) And then in the same statement he uses this technical phrase he made up as a way to describe Asian restaurants where he encounters "fortune cookies".

Look man, you don't encounter fortune cookies in Thai restaurants, Japanese restaurants or any other kind of "Asian" restaurant that's not CHINESE so stop it with your hurting ass attempt at being politically correct. Just because you are black and experience racism on another level, or because the other guy is half Vietnamese and white, doesn't make either one of them qualified to have a stance on whether the "Asian American" community is being OVERSENSITIVE. Obviously they are not offended whatsoever by any of these issues.

Look, half Vietnamese and white guy that was born out of the Vietnam War, your ass looks more Spanish or Native American- not Chinese ( fortune cookie based racism ) . So why would anyone expect either of these guys to speak out of a personal context of race or racism as an "Asian American"? Or to think that these four guys are a representation of what it should look like to promote genuine discussion about these issues? Here's an idea- why don't your stupid asses invite somebody that was actually offended by these fall out "race based" Asian American issues? But no, you chose to have a good ol' ESPN circle jerk.

So Ben and Jerry's threw fortune cookies in an ice cream, and because people got pissed, now these fools are trying to say "Well why should people be reprimanded and lose their jobs when nobody knows throwing fortune cookies in an ice cream flavor dedicated to the League's second Asian American basketball player is offensive?"

This "African American" commentator is making all sorts of crazy comments like "The Asian American community has been here for however many years and how is it that I'm just learning now what's offensive?" ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Like it's the Asian American community's fault that this asshole didn't get a memo starting from the 1850's what is considered Asian based stereotypes and slurs? Has this guy ever even considered that maybe why Chinese/Japanese/Asian Americans in this country have flown under the radar for all this time is because culturally you are taught to ignore racist comments? What about the experience of Japanese Americans being held in internment camps in this country? Do you ever hear about that shit? No you don't. When this guy asks " ASIAN AMERICANS WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?" Maybe if this ignorant ass "journalist" felt the humanity to consider ASIAN AMERICAN history he would feel it FAIR to consider FACTS such as this and even ACKNOWLEDGE the struggle and experience of Asian Americans in America.

Second of all, people need to stop acting like the Asian American community is one glob of slanted eye variations of each other with no distinguishable cultural differences. Third of all, is this fool trying to say that for all the generations upon generations of particularly Chinese and Japanese Americans that have been coming to this country, have never experienced racism just because they never threw a shit fit about Asian based racism and stereotypes? That therefore these things didn't exist before Jeremy Lin? I don't try to act like I know what it's like to be African American, or Hispanic, Gay, or even of Mixed race, so don't fucking try to talk about experiences that you have absolutely no genuine experience to recall from. Especially when you consider yourself speaking from a neutral platform, your ass is just burying itself in embarrassing layers of bigotry.

I couldn't even get past the seven minute mark on this stupid ass roundtable because I am OFFENDED by so many of these comments. If you are tired of talking about race when it comes to Jeremy Lin, here's a piece of advise- STOP USING FUCKING ASIAN BASED PUNS to describe him you stupid tools. If you want to know where the Asian Americans are at I'm right fucking here. But again, I don't represent anyone but myself; as everyone is offended and not offended by different things.

But to think this is all because the guy is good at basketball. And yes I'm going to eventually finish this episode, but right now I am so heated.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Fuckin' Conan! I love this dude.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

"Tastemakers" is such a weird word.

On the back of that video, this one. Haha! This kid is super cute AND funny.

Thanks to Wildman for this gem!

On a Lin tip, Andrew Kuo coming in hot with some unbelievably dope Lin/Bart graphics. I want this shirt more than the puking dog patch. For real.


Wednesday, February 29, 2012


If you haven't seen this yet, then too bad cause now you can not unsee it. Heavy Discussion wouldn't be heavy discussion if I wasn't yelling into the digital wind about uh, everything? I remember seeing a pregnant chick skating in a magazine, or was it in like a Thrasher letter dump I saw it in? At any rate it was a long time ago and I was still completely weirded out by it. I'm not sure what I'm looking at? If I had to divide my skateboarding mind into two parts- one hemisphere being cool things like watching OG footage of ny dudes shredding the brooklyn banks and being able to skate flatground until it gets dark, I think this questionable image would occupy the most polar opposite region of things I don't care for at all in skating. An extremely pregnant chick skating would rank only above maybe death while skating. I am pretty turned off by this image and I think even posting these photos is the equivalent of riding a long board through grand central station with a helmet on. And yes, I could not unsee that either.

I'm not really sure why any pregnant woman would want to skate in that condition. First of all, I'm thinking your visuals and balance are kind of interrupted by a swollen pouch of baby parts fucking with your mind. I won't even skate in shorts because I'm afraid of shinners. I'm obviously a pussy but seriously skating in a bra I'm really wondering why she didn't just paint a bullseye on her stomach?

Actually, when I was in high school I remember a girl I used to skate with, skating pregnant. She wasn't this far along but maybe in her second trimester because she was definitely showing. One time we were skating EMB and this was when they had rebuilt part of it so there were these new ledges that turned into these skinny hubbas that ran along some stairs. The whole time she had stuck to low gravity oriented tricks. But then she became fixated on rolling off this like 7 or 8 foot hubba/wall thing. I really didn't understand what the point of it was but I guess she like, really wanted to land " rolling off a hubba". She tried it a few times but I don't remember her rolling away. She kicked it out a few times, and landed on her feet. I forgot exactly how it ended but I just remember thinking " what is the point of this ?" " Is this even a trick ?" , "Why?", "What about her baby?" What I learned is that, females can genuinely be skate rats, and when a skate rat gets pregnant it will still skate while throwing caution into the wind. (If guys could get pregnant you know there'd be so many sidewalk abortions-yikes!) Of course not all pregnant skate rats take photos of themselves- it almost indicates a glorification of physiological rebellion.

Whether this is a display of empowerment or an opportunity for attention I'm not one to judge. One thing's for sure, this is definitely a demonstration of "not giving a fuck". But then again, just because you see a Japanese guy with bagel implants in his face doesn't make it cool either. All I know is that if skating means anything to me, it means style, and I'm really not seeing that here because the pant to shoe ratio is really distracting me.

Foundation video? Nothing like a little Mixtape2 and King Crimson to start my Leap Day..

Early nyc rippage. what a find.

I can hardly understand what's going on. Good thing the visuals are pretty clear.

'89 Alphabet city ambiance.

New York- where the sidewalk was once an endless swap meet. RIP

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


From Milan to New York, Fashion week photos from Vogue and Style Bubble. Sifting through like 200 photos, it turns out that I am really partial to people that like to wear hats and sweaters. I guess because hats and sweaters are what heavily populate my closet aka what my roommate calls "clothesworld". I still think it's funny when fashion institutions like Vogue call this "street style" because it suggests that there is almost a non specific type of person they are shooting. Street style has largely become the style of the perceivable fashion 1%ers-stylists, models, designers, and elitish industry type folk. Whatever though, I get really stoked on color and texture doesn't matter who's body it's on. Maybe street style is interpreted differently to different people. And not surprisingly, I'm not on the same page. To me, street style is more along the lines of the weird dude lurking outside the McDonalds on Delancey and Essex in a full on white fur coat and a white fur winter hat with albino crocodile shoes. Or these two older Spanish dudes on the train that were wearing practically the same ensemble- intricate, laser cut looking Cazals with gold rims, metal in their teeth, beaver hats with ear flaps, and scary ass mugs. I mean come on, how easy is it to wear all black and like statement Prada shoes with an Alexander Wang bag? Maybe I should start instagramming this NY shit and call it street style of the 99%. Or at least the 20% of people that inspire me to not give a shit about what I'm wearing as long as I like it. People that can pull off insane kits that you don't ever see on Vogue should be regarded as urban folk heroes.


Stoops bike thief in the l.e.s. If you've ever gotten your bike jacked, I guess this is the suspect profile. People be fucking up nice looking bikes in their grey sweatpants! Acting like that bike owes him money..

Monday, February 27, 2012

LeeLin Blackmon. I'd like this shirt way better if there wasn't a huge medallion necklace that said TFL# on it.