Saturday, March 10, 2012

Some people that are reposting the Joseph Kony Invisible Children youtube need to take a step back and check themselves.

Since America seems so confused as to what defines racism.. stumbled upon this photo of Rihanna's custom collage of Chris Brown's girlfriend, half Vietnamese model Karreuche Tran. The lyric " I'm sweeter than a rice cake" on her Birthday Day remix song, can qualify as a low hanging fruit jab at someones' nationality if she left it at that.. but to throw glasses and hoop earrings on a package of Safeway ricecakes is just wrong!! shit is racist! I used to like Rihanna more- until I realized that whenever she sees an Asian person she sees dehydrated rice snacks. And yes, because Tran is Vietnamese I'm going to go ahead and assume that Rihanna doesn't distinguish one rice centric Asian culture from another. And the fact that she's comfortable enough to do this shit is fucking weak. If you want to get back with your abusive ex boyfriend you can leave race out of it. Now if I buy a record, I know that money is going straight towards her Rice cake hating fund and I can't be a part of that.

Saw this dude on the train. He was so fitted it was amazing. He had all these engraved silver buttons along the arms of his jacket with gangster tassles on them. Tons of rings.. This dude wore a lot of fringe and was just an overall badass.

Gangs : consequences of conformity - 1977 - from 16mm film reel PART 2

Friday, March 9, 2012

Positive vibes of the day! Awesome.

Until they start charging for the internet, the internet is here to stay. The White House is making note.. Beyond the message of this viral Kony video, which is the most important feature of the campaign, I can not say ( and haven't said ) that people should donate money. Donating money is always weird because it's an incredibly personal decision. The truth is, nobody ever has a thorough understanding of how your money is being allotted when you donate towards a cause. However, if the White House can feel a need to address the situation based soley on the viral nature of this issue, I think there's a lot to be said about that. Not once did they mention money. Public opinion and demand does matter- and that doesn't cost a thing. Whether people get the end result they are looking for is another thing. But at least you know, the internet is a place where you can turn the heat up real high. And it kind of makes me wonder- is this how world terrorists will be defeated in the future? With the aid of viral videos? And you know this is more than a viral video, it's like a mini documentary that has viral assets. But I won't get too ahead of myself- we'll see what happens.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Watch this if you believe in bringing war criminals to justice. Or at least watch this because someone else took a shitload of time to make a difference in the world. From start to finish, this video is not only inspiring but profoundly enlightening to an ongoing crisis that has existed in Uganda for decades. It not only maps out the problems and issues, but also what we can do to help affect the desired outcome of ending Kony's reprehensible reign of tortue, killing, and overall life ruining. The way the video relates it to our social media driven world, is not necessarily breaking news ( Arab Spring etc ) as we've seen these social networks impact societies virtually overnight.

The fact that Joseph Kony has remained uncaptured after being at the very top of the International Criminal Court's World's Worst Criminals List since 2005, is kind of insane. And I guess it's not that insane considering everything else that's been going on in the world, but to be at the top of that sort of list and stay there for a while is kind of a huge avoid-jail-maybe-forever situation. This video shows us that much of that reasoning rests in the fact that almost nobody knows who he is. That as far as United States foreign policy is concerned, if they can't make money from it or are "directly" threatened by it, it's not really our business? And no, I'm not saying some dictator recruiting children by the tens of thousands to kill their parents, kill people, kill each other, to serve the cause that is only him, is something the U.S. needs to take a definitive stand against- but hey I'm sure there's "something" we can do. And yes, grow some balls- that is totally fucked. Anyway, we'll shortcut to the option of insurmountable public outcry which has it's way of moving priorities up to the top of the list for said policy makers. This is still true and should always be exercised ( ie Occupy Wall St. ).

After seeing that this youtube has received 11.6 million hits, I'm actually really stoked to know that so many people have shared this really powerful story. But beyond that, it's more than a powerful story, it's a chance to actually do something. Similar to the global community's support of natural disasters like the Japanese earthquake and tsunami, this is a cause that really puts that same interactive, and ever engaging community to the test. Does this generation in fact believe in utilizing technology for something more than just viral cat videos? Is social media in westernized cultures actually just a tool for complacency driven by our addictive consumer nature? Is it too corny to actually believe that helping end the Lord's Resistance Army once and for all is impossible even though somebody's dropped the tools right in front of us?

I am not trying to preach. These are just ideas, beliefs, and questions that go through my own head when watching something like this. I guess it's also a trip because I think about the way we use technology to share just about everything else, why should this goal be so impossible? In an ever changing world, what is exactly possible and what isn't? I guess it's a bit scary in that way because we are defining it every day whether we think we are or not.

If you have time/interest check out


to sign your name and or email Kony 2012's "tastemakers" list of cultural icons and policy makers that are in a position to bring this issue to where it needs to be. Oh yeah- you need to be on twitter. Which is a bummer because I'm not but you know what? I'll probably join twitter just so I can get my hashtag on for Kony.

Update: I've seen comments on the internet today in regards to Kony that range from "way to subscribe to the internet hive mind" or even saying this is bullshit UN propaganda and that people should be more interested in talking about Rothschild and Rockefeller. Okay seriously? I get it. Conspiracies galore. I'm a victim, we're all victims yes I get that. Sure, there are huge injustices that occur right here in America ( ie police brutality, homelessness, education, birth control, job loss, bailouts etc etc ) but why are people immediately judging the credibility of a discussion that involves a foreign mass murdering dictator of another country? The last time I checked there wasn't 11 million views on the illuminati and what we can do to stop it/them/whatever the fuck it technically is. As far as people hating on the idea of an "internet hive mind", if caring about other humans on this planet makes me a dummy then I guess I'm a big ol' dumbass. But seriously- there's a word for people like that - h a t e r s . The funny thing about haters is that usually they're just secretly bummed the issue at hand has nothing to do with them.

Sick promo. Thanks to Ted for posting this! A few things learned from this promo- "skate everything", "inspire", "switch varial heel", "wallride as a song lyric", "painted shoe faces", "devo", "diy spots", "24 hour skate people(?) ala joy division". All in all, sick promo..

The Netherlands skateboard magazine Fluff, known as "The only skateboardmagazine that matters in holland," [sic] has spread word about a promo video for Polar Skate Co. Judging by the awesome promo video, these guys are sick. Beast mode nollie flip at :15 and at :20 frontside 180 no comply to fakie frontside 5.0 on a box pivot out backside 180. That is at the beginning to wet our appetite. Things get crazy fast! Great music choices and superb editing.

The sounds of the trucks, boards, and wheels grinding, popping, and screeching against the harsh street terrain is music to the ears. Check out Polar Skate Co.'s website and click the Facebook like button. It is not clear to what Facebook page you are "liking," as I cannot seem to find a Polar Skate Co. Facebook page...but click like anyways! Also Check out Fluff Magazine's website and like their Facebook page. You can also view Fluff's page in English via Google Translate. The Polar Skate Co. team consists of the following: David Strestrom, Hjalte Halberg, Jakke Ovgren, Michał Juraś, Oskar Rozenberg Halberg, Pontus Alv, Tjark Thielker.


Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The origin of the saying "Keep Calm and Carry On". Interesting.

Yes!! Skeletor insults.haha

I don't really watch tv shows like this. But saw this episode of the Voice and these guys tore the house down. Didn't even remember for a second it was an Alicia Keyes song- they made it completely their own. If I could wish for a talent, it would be to sing really well. I mean, to sing the way some people do is a serious gift! Incredible stuff. As for Christina Aguilera she might want to consider a new stylist?

Wish this was a joke!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Tim and Henry's pack of lies. Fuck a handrail or even a ledge. If I can ever do a flip to slide on a small ass curb again I'll be siked. Keeping my shit 90's standards and below.. Despite a Nyjah Huston skateboarding reality, I would be insanely siked if I could even remotely skate like one of these dudes. Tim Gavin and Henry Sanchez doing things back then I still haven't seen anyone replicate. Legends.

Style blog of the day. My rebel sock.

Instagram photos from the weekend. Good times!