Saturday, March 17, 2012

By the way! This happened! Thanks Julian!!!! Let's not detract from the "situation" at hand?


On that westcoast tip..Roots!

This park looks fun! I see some mellow stuff. St. Helena trip when I return to SF for sure.


The tap coming through with another one!

Three heavy dudes. Not pictured: Jeremy Lin..

Friday, March 16, 2012

Super beautiful underwater ink photographs by Alberto Seveso. Thanks Hope for the link!

Check out

Watching this makes me wanna skate a micro cone! Thanks to EJ for this vimeo addition.

Thanks to Andreas for this facebook post. This is Xtreme skating. I think he almost fell asleep during a lipslide because it was so damn long. I've seen this guy nollie 360 a trash can standing at Tompkins. I like that the title of this is: dylan. He's like the Madonna of skateboarding I guess? But with a better f/s flip and maybe less bitchy? Watching his part makes me require getting my eyes checked.

Had some shirts printed at Kingsland Printing. Some cat eye business I found online. Wearable zine! Have a few of these printed. Not selling them, just giving them to friends. Feel weird selling things that are not invented by me. With my luck it's probably a secret Albert Einstein and Warhol collaboration. Heavy Discussion numero uno t shirt.

Uh. I really miss Autumn. Nothing like a little jazzy saxaphone action to the sound of urethane wheels past.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Some photos from a shoot we did with some of my handmade shoes. New Years resolution 2012, make another pair of shoes by hand. It's been long overdue. Way more photos up once available. Stoked on colors. Thanks to Akasha,Brandy,Hope, and Jill. Will give them proper credits once more photos are up! These shoes were made with no heel counters so they could be super soft hence the dimple in the leather. Wanted to make classic looking oxfords that could be easy to throw in a bag to travel with. Easier to see the subtle styling at a better angle.

Prepping my mind for Saturday night at Enids. The St Patrick's Day special. It will probably involve me getting wasted to the tunes of my mind. Don't get it twisted though- still playing a lot of hip hop, oldies, and soul, and I think I'm going to dabble and get weird.. But I got to show my Irish love! Shamrocks, whiskey, babes at the bar, and goodtimes!


Hilarious to watch.

At the 3:00 mark the vhs tape gets warped but the rest is fine to watch. 6 minute mark quote by Bruce Dickinson is awesome. And at 7:28 Heavy Discussion gets a shoutout by the news anchor.

"Be yourself. Always. " Women's fashion in music. According to the 90's. This youtube rules.

Been busy at work. Getting mentally ready for my 5 week trip abroad the week after next. Trying to not let this weird ass weather play with my emotions.

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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Hope North Uganda. Thanks Reni for the link! A response to Kony2012

David Lynch NYC Psa.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Monday, March 12, 2012

DBlock edit. Thanks to Prizefighter Ray for posting this!

Kenny Powers is a demi god. I hope I don't get struck down for saying that.

Sunday, March 11, 2012


For more perspective on Kony 2012 via Rosebell's Blog

All things considered. Gotta' research more about this Kony business. The LRA's present threat according to an actual Ugandan is highly important. My internet rabbit holes have led me to a youtube by Rosebell Kagumire for an Al Jazeera stream program covering the KONY2012 video. Really good points. And it is the same internet mechanics that are allowing for further discussion on this issue within the global community; especially Uganda. It is critical for the many who are not properly informed about this, including myself, to see this perspective. Other opinions do not just include villifying Invisible Children for being an exploitative and a non transparent, lucrative business based in California, it's also about educating oneself as to how we should respond to viral videos that command our attention through perceivably "oversimplified" outlooks. The internet is still a relatively new tool in regards to how people use it to further a cause, an idea, a story. Once you throw politics and war of a foreign country, it is easy to see just black and white from Anywhere, USA. When somebody flashes pictures of disfigured and exploited children, it is easier to assume there is one bad guy. Especially when the narrative suggests that.

"It’s good piece of video put together and they had good intentions. We agree on one thing we need to end the atrocities. But Invisible Children are focusing more on an American solution to an African conflict that the holistic approach which should include regional governments and people who are very key to make this a success."- Victor Ochen, who has lived in this war and now is a director of African Youth Initiative Network, which is working in northern Uganda to rehabilitate the community.

"Is it about the dollars or a false belief that unless Americans know about it, no solution comes our way? Could it be that we are leaving the real change agents in oblivion as we search for solutions elsewhere? For example, the Juba Peace Talks 2006-2008, which restored stability and paved way for the end to abductions in northern Uganda, was not an American invention. It was local civil society and peace actors like the Acholi Religious Leaders Peace Initiatives (ARLPI) who pushed for a negotiated solution. In fact the moment America got involved, we witnessed “Operation Lightening Thunder”- a military operation with disastrous effects as the LRA eluded air strikes, and scattered into DR Congo and the Central African Republic where they continue to commit atrocities in retaliation."-A Uganda journalist writes for Insight on Conflict

"So what’s wrong with Invisible Children’s Kony 2012 campaign?
First, it is important to acknowledge that Invisible Children is a great organisation. It has done a lot to make the victims of the atrocities of the LRA conflict more visible internationally. It has built and renovated a number of schools in northern Uganda that were destroyed by the conflicts. Its scholarship programme has benefited a whole range of children hailing from the war-affected districts and so many more.

These are all very noble goals. But so long as its primary constituents remain outsiders, without mobilising local constituents within Uganda where the LRA problem emanated from, it is a non starter. There are over 1,000 local peacebuilders within northern Uganda alone, all very concerned by the LRA situation – none of whom has been partnered with in this latest campaign.

I write now from Gulu, Northern Uganda, and apart from celebrations for women’s day, no one is talking about the LRA and Kony. Everyone is talking about the nodding disease and government impunity over corruption."


"In our video, we tried to get Africans to describe their experiences in their own words … but often, people will pay less attention when an African person tells the story," said Anneke Van Woudenberg, a researcher for Human Rights Watch, which has produced its own video on the subject.

"Invisible Children is a symptom, not a cause. It is an excuse that the US government has gladly adopted in order to help justify the expansion of their military presence in central Africa. Invisible Children are “useful idiots,” being used by those in the US government who seek to militarize Africa, to send more and more weapons and military aid, and to build the power of military rulers who are US allies. The hunt for Joseph Kony is the perfect excuse for this strategy—how often does the US government find millions of young Americans pleading that they intervene militarily in a place rich in oil and other resources? The US government would be pursuing this militarization with or without Invisible Children—Kony 2012 just makes it a bit easier. Therefore, it is the militarization we need to worry about, not Invisible Children."

-Mr. Branch an assistant Professor at SDSU (who has examined the politics of human rights intervention—broadly conceived to include relief aid, peacebuilding, international law enforcement, and military intervention—into episodes of political violence, with a regional focus on Africa, specifically Uganda) writes on Uganda’s Makerere Institute of Social Research.


Again it is up to the individual to research these things to gain a better understanding of the conflict and remedy. One thing my digging has taught me is that when it comes to politics, nothing is ever that simple. It's not always just one bad guy against the world, especially when the bad guy is rumored to be dead already. Also, when it comes to America and Americans trying to save other countries from themselves, question the shit out of it. When it comes to Africa, people should consider the strategy of empowering local Africans to resolve their own situations instead of offering an American solution. The "American solution" approach continues to paint Africa as a helpless community, full of victims, when in fact it is not always the case. If the militarization of Africa in order to compete with what I'm assuming is China, is part of a reality, let's not be duped by another guise of good intention.

However, I still think this video has merit in that it has definitely raised awareness about specifically the LRA and it's legacy. It also has helped me further my own education about what's going on in Uganda, and African politics in general. So instead of tweeting at Angelina Jolie again, I'll wait for the dust to settle to see where this global conversation will lead us.

Thanks to Reni for this one. "The top of my mouth is hot!"

NY local Ojay reading us. A video that demands you to keep watching cause you've never really seen anything like it. Creepy but sick.. Fact: white masks live in my nightmares. Next to teethless gums and a toilet bowl full of cheerios.

Ahahah! Zebra katz acoustic..

1981. Kraftwerk.