Saturday, March 24, 2012


I've been in the newspaper once! Found this random article online from 2000 about the mysterious death of a man at Pier 1. At the time I was 15 and skating Pier 7 a lot, and remember a reporter asking my opinion about the allegations that this guy was beat to death by skateboarders! Haha! First of all- knew that was totally ridiculous. Unless it was Lenny Kirk with a sawed off shotgun, everything else was false. Turns out a few days later the victim was actually hit by a speeding car hence the mysterious circumstances of being found with no socks and no shoes. I remember telling the reporter a lot of things but the one thing she chose to run as a quote was "It's just more of a reason for cops to blame us." Which doesn't really make sense at all. Kind of stoked this weird article is still online though. If random newspaper articles can capture weird moments in your life this would be a personal winner. To be 15 again, running from the undercover cops in their obnoxious hawaiian shirts, and hiding out at Safeway eating pizza sticks until they left. Getting my board focused by this local OG dude Stefan who was convinced we were all going to die Y2K style and told me he felt sorry for me because I was a girl. Watching Tuan beat the shit out of this lippy white dude from Michigan, until blood was pouring out of his face. Getting called a Ryde Or Die chick because older dudes loved referencing Ruff Ryders. Being able to ollie onto a man ledge like a normal skateboarder. The apex of my flatground. Girl Chocolate boards that were still made in the USA. My Sean Sheffey 7.5 decks. Thinking that eventually turning 21 meant my life was basically over. Memoriez! Happy weep.


Thursday, March 22, 2012

So sick



On Video's insanely thorough bio of legend, Natas Kaupas. Missing part 4 here, but it's available online through the youtube links.


Grosso's Loveletters To Skateboarding / Season 2 / Episode 7: CURBS! One of the best episodes of anything skateboarding related. Ever. Curbs.


"They are letting anyone in the club these days."

Via WhyIdon'tskateboard. Funny site- but a more serious question I'd like to pose for the creators are why half the boarded features are actually longboards? I am pretty sure the person who is running this site is a skateboarder. So I am slightly confused by the name of this site. I'm not surprised that over half these photos are of mongo pushing/mall grabbing weirdos in San Francisco. It's like 90% of things that bum me out about San Francisco conveniently put into one tumblr. UGH. not sure if I likes or hates that. Maybe they should rename the site to " My ride to the bar is an Urban Paddleboard".

An Eastcoast spin off version of the Berrics. Featuring your favorites: Fifth try Fridays and Bottle Commander. Fifth try Fridays consists of drinking five beers and probably landing more vomit slides than actual tricks. Thanks to Troy for giving me the heads up!


Wow. Serious tricks down the Chinatown park double set.That shit is gnar gnar. Last slam on that hubba looks like a liferuiner..

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Oldie but goodie!

Mike Carroll / Finally/De La/ Yes

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Amanda the Kitt f/s noseslide- motorcycles, and southern california. It was only yesterday she got her car stolen from outside my mom's house by a Philip Seymour Hoffman lookalike. Git it girlllllll

Monday, March 19, 2012


Hasting and company's sartorial 90's skateboard-centric take on contemporary men's wear. Here you will find both recent and archived flicks of white guys with cornrows, rocking matching outfits and fistfulls of henny and alize, as well as "sweats,camo, and other shit we're feeling" to quote the site. Touché.


Haha!! Drunk guy buying a beer is kind of long but uh totally hilarious.. And a woman falling asleep on the train super hard.

Thanks to Seth for posting this! Epic video. Hyped on cut off denim and laybacks. Shoegazin'.

Sunday, March 18, 2012



BK Ameri-coastin'