Saturday, March 31, 2012

Friday, March 30, 2012

Haaahaha! If you've ever wondered if some crazy weirdo with a drinking problem is slamming a whole bottle of vodka somewhere- look no further. I think this guy might be a little loco though because he straight up eats anything and everything- crayons, shampoo, whatever to get fans for his youtube channel? It's almost painful to watch his other stuff.

Thursday, March 29, 2012


Happen to be staying directly across the street from Palacio Guell. Palacio Guell is a mansion in Barcelona that was designed by infamous Catalan architect Antoni Gaudi for the industry tycoon, Eusebi Guell. Gaudi is a famous figurehead of Catalan Modernism which embodied influences from both neo-gothic art and "Oriental" techniques.

This former home was turned into a museum and has been under renovation for a while, finally opening up completely just last April. It is listed as part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site "Works of Antoni Gaudí". Just looking at the mere detail of this beautifully engraved stairway banister makes me feel artistically and mentally insufficient.

Mid morning shadows

By far the best part of the mansion- the roof.

Take 2

Many of the fir shaped chimneys not only functioned as ventilation for humans but also the horses that were led into the basement stable. The heat generated from the horses bodies and the access to air through the various chimneys helped the subterranean like stable maintain a horse friendly temperature. At least that's what my host told me.

It's really hard not to be up there and abstain from thinking about Candyland the board game.

Seriously beautiful mosaic detailing.

Oh yeah- me again. Rainbow salute. More like, blinding sun!

Spanish photo. Maybe it's the endless clay red, oranges, and crucifix like negative spaces.

Upside down ice cream cones? Waffle or sugar?

Went on a Shark stroll.

Disc fish- no idea it's real name.

I wonder if half of him got eaten by a shark? Is that like a weird middle school joke a bully fish would say?

Yes! Shark walk.

The aquarium hand off.

I think this shark is a cartoon.

This is like going into a bar in the ocean and there's all these different kinda weirdos hanging out.

That's a face I'd love to wake up to in the morning..

Even trees have suicide pacts.

This graphic rips. He'll fix your life.

Did I mention there was a crazy city wide protest that virtually shut everything down? BTW Feeling this kid's 80's tights under shorts and high cons look. Very Barcelona.

Oh yeah- the protest. People spray painted "VAG" everywhere. I'm sure it means something in Spanish. I think they are protesting workers' rights.

Billboard rights?


Managed to get a choice photo of a protesting double rat tail. Very Barcelona.

Mango Merchandising

Managed to squeeze in a shoe store in El Borne district. Juan Carlos' store Number and his 12 year old Senora. This little old lady is insanely sweet and chill. Loves.

Shakas Up

Estrella Damm. No Brainer.

My friend and co worker Hau is originally from Hong Kong and now works with me in New York. I decided to record and report some of the things she says because I think it's funny. Ok, the slight language barrier and Cantonese tonations makes a lot of her statements sound kind of harsh. It's her first time in Barcelona, Europe even, and she has a marketing degree with excessive skills in researching. She's also incredibly perceptive about people. But then again she loves drinking warm water and juicing at midnight. So anyway here it is:

BARCELONA ( according to Hau )

1) Men are not sleazy
2) They look kind of gay ( the men )
3) Women seem mean and loud
4) People don't use candles like they do in New York
5) People don't talk on their cell phones
6) People don't spend money eating; they just drink
7) People don't check other people out like in New York
8) People in Barcelona don't know how to make a Pisco Sour

Regarding the city wide protests today.. After walking around the city for miles only to be greeted by closed off museums and a non functioning rail system she said:

" Every street there was a big fire and I turned around! It's like bumper man! "

" You mean bumper cars?"

" Yes you know what I mean. That's what we say in Hong Kong- Bumper man!"

Couldn't find anywhere to eat since everything was basically closed. Found the equivalent of a "California Pizza Kitchen" but delicious tapas style and proceeded to drink. Nothing weirder than getting drunk at a California Pizza Kitchen.

Chances are if you were open today your business might have received a visit from a mob of pyromaniac, Spanish, anarchists! No joke though! We were drinking a beer in a crowded homely bar, suddenly the bar maid rushes towards the back and starts telling everyone to pay their bill. Then the shades got drawn, the blinds started simultaneously getting shut Wild West Style. Spain's no joke! People are pissed.

According to Reuter's report, the unemployment rate is at 27% in Spain. People today protested labor reform throughout the country, and I think it's pretty incredible to have that much solidarity within the hive. I mean even Burger King was afraid to open! In America, no fry would go unsalted even on Judgement Day.

Around 10pm at night, Las Ramblas was getting smoke bombed or something? No idea- but plenty of cops to figure it out.