Saturday, April 7, 2012

In Sweden! Thanks to Hope for posting this! The tyranny of beauty. Will be uploading some photos from the trip soon. Off to Helsinki tomorrow and then to Hong Kong! Whirlwind Europe trip. Stoked!!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Heavy Discussions that make you bummed on America

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Paris. When I think of Paris I think of romance and me overeating just in time for bikini season.



Matching locks- it's on

Good question

The place where I'm staying at in Paris is on the 6th floor and has an amazing roof top view!

Roofs and chimneys. Saw a dog take a lap around that corner building's balcony. Pretty good deal-dogs that can walk themselves?

Apartment ambiance

A lady's touch

Pillow head shapes. Not very elegant.

My favorite American chef in Paris! Iris came to visit me from her hectic cooking job in Marseille. Rocking the heavy d. Stoked!


Just thinking about all the people who have passed through these halls, and all the shadows that have been casted on these floors feels pretty romantic and awesome. Makes you feel blessed to be able to experience these little moments.

Food inside food, inside more food

Local flora

Sweet tooth

Famous macaroon spot. I still have six uneaten macaroons sitting in a box in the fridge. Paris is tasty overload.

Steak with melted herb butter. Getting in shape chapter 10

Didn't even realize it was misspelled until Iris pointed it out. Mercan!

Micky's Deli is awesome. I might need to buy this shirt.

Soft buns with soft ground beef and an egg. Side pickle. Nom appetit!

Red pimp status


Love the unexpected detail and texture


Duck confit with potatoes. Kind of wandering aimlessly and stopping into whatever restaurant looks promising. Hard to find a shitty place to eat. I heard even the Mcdonalds in Paris is banging!?

Ate es cargo for the first time. Can only eat one per sitting. Love garlic but can't get used to the taste yet.

Drinking duh.

Bartender hooked it up!