Thursday, May 17, 2012


This looks good. Michel Gondry , not surprised! The Bronx and the bus line, dope. It looks suspiciously normal, even though it seems like it may be entirely filmed on a bus. But you never know with this guy.. Probably anything but normal'ish!

So weird. But kind of rhythmic and entrancing in a prostitute robot kind of way. Why he chose the butt when creating this replica humanoid limb is obvious. It's basically an expensive dildo. Without the hole for now. It's like an Apple product, you gotta wait for the upgrade.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Thanks to Hilary out in Austrailia for this one. The original skate Witches you tube is sick. I can appreciate these chicks DIY'ing it up. I guess the skate witches couldn't really skate in the original youtube so there's no need for anyone to know how to really skate in this one. Ugh but such a good opportunity to do some wicked slappies, bonelesses, handplants, hippie jumps, whatever. Bummed Hilary isn't in it- she rips!


Mark Reiss interviewed the “Queen Witch,” Jenny Parker on his Bullshitting Meets Plagiarism blog:

Reiss: So, are the Skate Witches still around?
Jenny Parker:…Hmm?

Are the Skate Witches-
Noooooooo…no. We haven’t talked since Slutty Sarah slept with my boyfriend at prom.

You guys went to prom? I figured that would be the last place you’d go to in High School.
Yeah, I mean, we were going TP the parking lot while everyone was dancing in the gym. Sarah and David lived on the same side of town so they came together. When I showed up they were screwing in David’s car.

Harsh. And that was the end of the Skate Witches?
Sorta. I had to repeat senior year. They graduated and moved on and I had to stay behind. It was a rough year.

I bet.
I mean I caught those bastards cheating on me, and my rat died. It was a lot of stress no wonder I failed.

What was your rat’s name?
Willow. She was my best friend. I accidently sat on her.

Read more of the interview with Jenny Parker at Bullshitting Meets Plagiarism.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012




Thanks to Leslie for posting this. This article in a nutshell..

"So here's how it works, according to SceneTap: Bars place special facial detection cameras inside venues, which pick up on facial characteristics to determine approximate age and gender of the bar crowd. All your personal information remains anonymous, and nothing about you or your face is stored long-term. "

The future is here and you better be ready. Long gone are the days where you could gather from your own intelligence and intuition whether you liked frequenting a bar or not. And the days of "living off the grid" continue to shrink. Now the company SceneTap, has made a way to gauge human frequencies in bars including male to female ratios. That is some weird shit. But you don't really need a robot to tell you that Christmas Day evening at Treat St. Bar is a sad sight where the male ratio far surpasses the female one. Sometimes I think the future is just filled with a bunch of bummers. I want to see beauty, authenticity, and our lives enriched through technology? Not big brother schemes to profiteer at every and any corner. If bars are doing this for "marketing" purposes, then I would stay really far away from the bars that care so much to invest in this avenue. With social media a corner stone of so many lives, and a critical engine for boosting business, where do the boundaries get drawn for what's okay and what's not okay to share? Whether it's your facebook information or just the act of walking into a bar and having your facial characteristics reported to a giant number creating machine in the sky, where does it all end? Who's to say these machines aren't already figuring out which ones of us are worthy for procreating or not? Ugh. " Hey, we've been noticing you come in to the bar a lot, and your facial characteristics are telling us you're bad for business." Sweet. Stupid future.

Heavy Discussion has a lot of love for the bay. Ugh I can't believe it's been almost 8 years since I made the real move out East. I've never even set foot in this shop before. My SF trails got cobwebs. Thanks to Lump Sum Zine for this link!

Check out Lump Sum's Tumblr HERE.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Backing this. Around the five minute mark is some unexpected radness.

This is some pretty damn intense pool skating.

Hmmm.. Hipsters. Who cares? Although she is exploring what a hipster is and not trying to totally define it, I'm not really sure why people are so obsessed with identifying "hipsters"? Is this an American obsession? Is this the first stop to the the beaten viral path of American "subculture"? Kind of funny their first stop was Beacons Closet which is apparently a "hipster" haven. I get it, they sell really "quirky" clothes but seriously? It's a used clothing store. And, a hipster isn't necessarily a trust fund baby. These are two different things. A hipster can also be a native but more or less collectively accepted as a non descript transplant in a big city trying to peacock an overdone look. Is Chris Brown a hipster? I've seen him wear ironic non prescription black framed glasses before.. But wait. He's Black and maybe the hipster problem is more a white on white socio-economic obsession. Just saying. Yes, there's a problem with people that can't think for themselves, but how they dress shouldn't be the issue. Essentially "hispterdom" can be traced back to people that just dress creatively, shop at not JCREW, and "brood" outside of Williamsburg brunch locations. But who's really brooding? And why are you studying that shit so hard? "Lauren, your oversized glasses are SO HIPSTER!" "OMG you layer VINTAGE PIECES SO WELL I HATE YOU YOU'RE SUCH A HIPSTER!!"

You can't always judge a book by it's cover so why continually try to? People just sound dumb trying to judge other people no matter what. It's cool to just have one convenient word to minimize other people and feel better about yourself. Notice how angry people get when they get called a "hipster." It's pretty funny. Yeah dude, you have huge plugs in your ears and weird hair so people should call you fucking avatar or some shit who cares. I have an idea, if somebody is a douchebag, just call them a douchebag.

Sunday, May 13, 2012