Saturday, May 26, 2012

Mongolian Throat Singing. So dope. Beautiful instruments and people.

Literally. Havent been using my camera, just instagramming- and eating pizza. Uggghhh pizzaa.. summer... shorter hair.. and Max Fish t shirts. Getting a website together- really stoked!!! Now I just gotta focus on the straights and narrows to make that happen. garlicccckk cramps....

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Yes, I found the 2 Live Crew Manfred Mann cover song.

So sick! Thanks to Wildman for this one.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

"Elizabeth Proper lived all of her life in the Taconic Hills of eastern New York State.
She harvested her own white oak to make her baskets. She was in her 'forties when I filmed her in 1972 and had a six-year-old daughter. There had been a
community of basket makers in the region, but she was the only one left. She
could still be living."

-- Jack Olfield

People's Stuff is a document of six collectors of unusual objects. Creating
an environment for storytelling, the subjects reveal inner dreams and
motivations as they share both their collections and their lives with the viewer. Interview subjects: Charmaine Burrell, Fred Crane, George Preston, Ruth Rasmussen, Irene Redfearn, Craig Starr.

"In 1980, there were a few thousand Asian and Latino immigrants in Georgia. By 1994, there were more than 300,000. This remarkable documentary explores the cultural collision between Asian and Hispanic immigrants and the suburban communities near Atlanta, Georgia, in which they have settled.

The film provides an informative, sensitive, and insightful case study of a widespread trend that is bringing explosive political upheaval all across America: waves of people, mostly from Asia and Latin America, coming to cities, small towns, and suburban communities that have never before experienced immigration on such a scale.
"Offers a sobering, candid, and often poignant look at a situation that seems destined to continue, no matter how popular political correctness becomes." -- Alison Macor, The Austin Chronicle

Prince Buster "My Girl" cover. Nice.


Love this. Thanks to Kea for sending me this link. Advanced Style with some eccentric older ladies who have been dressing and accessorizing through all the eras people today try to reinterpret. "There is no substitute for life experience." Sage elder advice to remember. Screw looking like everybody else, do you.

Awesome little documentary about people who use their bikes in South Africa.


Mission Chinese Food opened a second location in New York. So last night I dragged my self over after a long work weekend to eat food, drink, and sing kaoroke. The night was concluded with this fortress of super nachos with delicious shredded pork. So hyped! Started out as a joke, but ended up as leftovers in my fridge. so good. I am not a pillar of nutrients. They have a Mapo tofu dish with sichuan peppers that left my mouth bleeding. Ok no but seriously, so spicy!

The Jewels of Enids.

How I felt after

Last week saw a random fire in Chinatown. Took a photo and of course like a non dick head put it out and saved the city from a sewer fire!

The lack of updates this last weekend was due to working in Woodstock for a lookbook shoot. Woodstock is like the Big Sur of New York. Incredibly beautiful. Saw some little guys hopping around. Super rad mini frogs!

I love friendly cats. This guy was rad. He has the best life ever. He chills so hard.

Yeah, Woodstock bedroom views no big deal. Wish this was my backyard!

Monday, May 21, 2012