Saturday, June 30, 2012


Neil Blender is such a badass. This contest rips. One foot sliders? Ho ho plants? In my dreams.

Part 3.

Old 411 for FIT

16 year old Rudy Johnson. Sick. So good!! Style boner.

James Kelch Early 90's raw footage. DOPE.


Ha this is awesome. In celebration of my layover trip back to San Francisco tomorrow, I present a reblogged ISLANDMOBB teaser. A homie from the Pier 7 days sent me this link and I can only imagine my alternate adulthood if I chose to spend it in SF. I'd be "out here'ing" all day and shit. Got mad love for the homies!! Getting buck at Pops or Delirium, most likely skating more, fighting kooks, peeing in front of traffic, and getting hog tied by the police. Oh wait that already happened. Going home is one of the best feelings ever. I used to loathe growing up next to a cold ass, foggy beach but it's always the things you never thought you'd miss you end up missing.


Rebels With A Cause

Heavy Metal heads in Botswana. Awesome


Damn- where's the mystery?

This is insane. Wait til the end.

Thanks to facebook. Thought I'd repost for all the bowl trolls

Friday, June 29, 2012


Thanks to Charles for this. L-O-L !! damn!!! This shit is krispy kreme fire. So many good one liners, Krispy Kreme's creeping on Chocolate Drop turf.


The second part to my weekend. Riding high in the cable cars of Xiamen. This ride was pretty sketchy and you could hear the giant bolt on the roof make weird noises and bounce every time a gust of wind went by. What better way to immortalize my journey than by taking photos of other people? What I learned is that people like smiling into my camera, even if I pretend I'm just taking a photo of the forest floor below. Through my visual data collected I also found that most people that ride by themselves prefer to double grip. No one ever said it'd be easy being the captain of your own vessel.

Omar killing it as usual.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


The reality for most people is that eventually you need to get a job. Or create a job for yourself. This article from ESPN covers the professional women of skateboarding and all the shades of job and education situations in between contests. Relying on contests to win a bulk of your yearly income is pretty hit or miss. And unless you have the financial support and dedication of several sponsors investing in your career, you're pretty much on your own. It's pretty inspiring to see a microcasm of skateboarders on a public platform that are pursuing their futures to the best of their abilities even outside the realm of hippers and 50-50s down hubbas. For skateboarders in general who have to figure out their means earlier on, it's cool to see how skating has influenced their paths beyond skating.

EXITEXITEXIT. 90's Haring/Sesame throwbacks

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Me and some friends visited Xiamen this past weekend. So stoked to travel to another part of China! It was my first domestic Chinese flight, it was the weekend, and it was a major national holiday ( Dragonboat Festival). More than enough excuses to drink. Especially since once we got in the plane, we ended up sitting 2 hours on the tarmac. This photo kinda makes my plane ride look like a VIP line for a sketchy club.

Tsing Tao? Save that for the foreign market. We get down with Beijing beer on domestic flights.

Had to take a picture of this at the Xiamen airport. You can see part of this airport security guy's shoulder. He tried to be like "oh what are you doing? what is your business?" And I'm thinking this amazingly silly billboard is my business.

View from my hotel room. Luckysonofabitch. On the other side of the strait is Gulangyu which is an islet off the main island of Xiamen. It's best known for it's colonial type architecture that remains largely untouched by the hyper modernization of the rest of China.

Showers of the future? Reminds me of using a toilet with no door. Can't hate though- #boutiquestyles

Waiting in line for a speedboat. Chinese footwear styles. If you consider the fact China manufactures probably 90% of the world's goods, footwear included, you can get some pretty random footwear configurations for the local market. There's even a fake AIR platform sneaker in the mix. Spelled AIA. Let's see Nike cease and desist that!!

Took a speed boat to Gulangyu. This dude was catching so much air with this overworked boat held together by a suzuki engine. if we tipped over I would have been so fucked. The life vest was pretty much a sand bag with death knots.

Arrived on the island to a city of umbrellas. The heat was oppressive and the humidity Saturday was worse. I'll make fun of it, but carrying an umbrella is better than having to try to find that feeble sliver of shade in the heat.

Xiamen is a coastal port city with large historical significance. During the First Opium War with Britain and China, the British captured this city then known as Amoy. On the islet of Gulangyu, it's architectue exhibits signs of old world charm that is hard to find on this side of the hemisphere.

Not that a couple of rusted bicycle tires and boarded up windows are anything to write home about, but the islet itself is more isolated and definitely has a different vibe.

Once you escape the hordes of other tourists, historic old villas, mysterious side streets, and seaside breezy hikes await.

Came across a bomb shelter, tunneled out restaurant that served beer midday. The best place to hide from the sweltering heat is in a cool tunnel. It's also good for hiding from fall out and possible missile attacks. The Taiwan Strait Crisis is always a possibility and so the owner, former career sailor Uncle Z, felt this was a good location for his business. Due to political tensions, parts of Xiamen remained undeveloped in the 60's and 70's. Since being designated one of the original, special economic zones in 1980, Xiamen is now home to about five million people and 600 financial institutions. Gulangyu, this special islet with all the cool old buildings, has recently seen a bohemian flowering of sorts. A lot of cafes, bars, and bed and breakfasts have popped up to foster a population of tourists who ranked this region as "The Most Romantic Leisure City" in China last year.

Those birds were still alive. Awkward.

When trying to capture a decent photo, somebody's hand always has to get cut off

Cost efficient, gnarly broken glass home security alternative


This ain't no picnic

I'd rather be driving my German car..

It was so hot out this kid was watering the wall cause he felt sorry for it.

You can make a broom out of anything

Hot as balls

Pants up, smokes out, all business.

Chinese photo shoots abound. The dude in the white ruffled shirt must be the stylist? And I'm pretty sure the girl holding the reflector hates holding that reflector. Only because I would.

The second worst thing to holding a reflector in stifling humidity and heat might be getting herded into a ferry like human cattle.

Ha. These dudes were arguing. Best dramatic Chinese reaction to a finger point ever goes to the guy in blue. It's like the dude is zapping blame rays into his eyes.

Human cattle. This is only one out of four or five possible entrances to the same ferry I took.

"Where'd you get your shirt?"

You are getting sleepy..