Friday, July 13, 2012


One of the coolest things happened to me last night. And it managed to happen around 330AM as I was returning home from the bar. I walked into a local bodega to find a super sweet cat greet with me with an affectionate graze of the leg. Turned out she wasn't a bodega cat, but a cat that had been hanging out outside for a half an hour. The bodega guy asks me if I want the cat, because he had to close the store and felt bad leaving her outside. Then he told me random dudes had kicked her out of the way and was worried people would mistreat her. I felt super bad for this lost cat and in my mind could not leave her alone! She was super cute, friendly, and pregnant! She laid nonchalantly around and assumed the gangster chiller cat role well as I started to seriously commit myself to this cat's welfare.

This is me trying to put a pregnant cat in a tote bag at 4AM for a relocation to a possible caretaker's apartment; not happening

After some 4AM neighborhood corner outreach with multiple people, I managed to find her a home with a neighbor who happened to have a cat. He lives a block away, turns out is a friend of a friend, and is starting a recording company from his apartment. His name is Clint Michigan and he is totally awesome for taking her in. I will be updating on the kitty baby shower.. Thank you world for making me siked on my community.

At Clint's

Thursday, July 12, 2012



It's always easier to blame people that look different from you for your outsourcing problems. Glad to see this on the front of the Huffington Post. It's a link to a Mother Jones article about how Romney has profited millions of dollars by outsourcing jobs abroad. It's like the most classic, hypocritical, sleazy, crooked business man movie plot except in our reality this guy is running for President. And it's one thing to profit from outsourcing as a business man, but it's another thing to run on a platform of Pro American labor while secretly capitalizing off of outsourced jobs. But I guess they're all politicians so it's not really that much of a surprise.

Despite all the finger pointing of job loss, who is responsible? Who is benefitting? When it comes down to it, the United States failed to protect it's domestic manufacturing. And yes that's blunt and it probably didn't happen in the course of one sentence, but we can all attest that this was the end result we currently find ourselves in.

In some countries, taxes on imported goods are high for a reason. Ideally, these taxes should be put in place by the government to allow the domestic market to remain competitive with cheap imports. Even in the 70's, Italian made shoes of superior quality were able to compete with American made shoes( for instance). In my opinion, Forever 21, Walmart, and any big time corporation today just took that loophole to a whole other level by flooding the market with cheap imports to really show how vulnerable this country has been to outsourcing anyway. In fact you could probably call companies like that trendsetters. Yes people have to pay duties when they import, but are those duties and taxes enough to have ever allowed domestic manufacturing a chance to weather that storm? Not if somebody figured out how to capitalize off of the concept somehow.

It is just as much of the demand from the consumer to expect cheap products for cheaper. The world's cheapest labor, which continually shifts, is only manufacturing the continual American Dream of inexpensive consumer goods. It is ultimately our own social disconnect from how things are made that has fueled a platform for people to continue to believe that foreigners are stealing the job rug from your very own living room. But how can anyone ever believe it is that simple?

It is quite clear how the complexities of health care, minimum wage, duties, imports, immigration, outsourcing, patriotism, taxes, and everything else under the sun has obliterated the issue of American labor into an unrecognizable, almost intangible mess, that is only recognizable by the rat eyes of foreign labor to your everyday pedestrian. It's total bullshit because really, what is the government doing to help encourage growth in manufacturing( for instance) that they couldn't have helped do to save it? Is the government really on the taxpayers own side? Pretty sure the answer is usually no. Why is shit so fucked? Why is everything so hard to understand? Should it be this hard? Are we in so deep we have to wait until they shut down the freeways and McDonalds so that regular people will realize something is wrong? That maybe some things aren't the whole world's fault?

Doesn't matter what color you are or what kind of government you identify with. In the end, all countries, governments, and people with authority ( mostly ) are run by the nationality of money. And now that America is losing money, it's easiest for our "leaders" to tell us somebody else is taking it from us. And nobody bullies a bully?

Heavy Discussion salutes Comrade Hsu. Always on his cutting edge at bringing Asian awareness to the masses.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


37 LIKES on youtube land for KFRC likers. I'm not the ONLY ONE that likes KFRC!!! The single handed radio station that influenced my music taste growing up. EPIC sounds, EPIC Radio Voices.. What happened to those? Do those matter anymore? Shit! I remember the "TIME" actually being a significant announcement. RADIO. You'll remember it. And yes! Who doesn't like good feelings, radio jingles, and other such familiar nostalgia ?? Although nothing lasts forever, insert tearssss.... Been in SF for a week and can't stand that Hall and Oates has single handedly become the entire genre replacement.

Monday, July 9, 2012


Been in SF the past week trying to process the continual changes to the city. Old stores or spots dying hard because of people going broke, rent going up, the same story everywhere really. Saw that SF City College is possibly facing a shut down which is insane because City College is one of the few available, affordable, college options in the city. It would be a loss if they were to shut it down.

Cover up job

Brett Land hung out hard this week! He's one of those multi talented dudes..


Digging through stuff found this bus transfer from 98 stuck to a Spitfire sticker. Together forever. Insane to think this is a relic from 14 years ago.

Brett's f/s noseblunt at Miley. Wish I could zoom up on his look of terror

Amy and Van at Pop's. In from LA for just the weekend! Lucky me!

Relic photo from Tampa AM 2000? 2001?

TF days of past.

Bathroom Picasso lives in SF.

Amy got 8th place at the XGames. Probably because of that sweet handplant. Congratulations AC!