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As I stood outside a local bar last week, I struck up a conversation with the familiar bouncer posted up outside. I asked him about the neighborhood, and whether people in the neighborhood were patroning the establishment since it was relatively new. As we discussed locality, I mentioned having been out of town and hearing about the Con Ed strike in the city. He sort of grinned and began to share that he was a part of that Union when he wasn't working the door. He was also a 20+ year employee of Con Ed. I say "was" because apparently when unions strike, their companies list them as technically "unemployed" for the duration of the strike. I asked him what they were protesting? If it was just wages? I guess the first thing that pops up in my head as an outsider is always wages.

He explained that it wasn't just wages, it was mostly his pension that he would not go without a fight for. Imagine if the news actually covered the fact that these employees with decades of loyalty stand to lose their pensions while their CEO rakes in millions. The below chart is taken from the Utility Workers Local 1-2 website. Con Ed's CEO Kevin Burke received a total compensation of $10.96 million in 2011 — nearly three times the median utility industry CEO compensation of $3.91 million. The source of the chart is from Consolidated Edison and Forbes’ 2012 America's Highest Paid Chief Executives.


If the local News was actually covering this strike, if there was one thing they probably wouldn't do is put the words "PENSION" across a TV screen. Instead, they paint the TV screen with heat advisory warnings and relentless coverage on this "heat wave". I guess we're all supposed to subconsciously resent this strike because most people will start thinking, "Damn! This strike is fucking with my AC!"

But the most interesting part of our conversation was when he dropped a little knowledge on the political machine and how in his experience, ties into the election year. For every registered unemployed person during an election year, even for this particular time being, the numbers show an additional 8,400 out of work Americans. Whether or not they are on strike or why they are unemployed is unaccounted for in these general "numbers" that will eventually be manipulated by any politician or multi national corporation with an agenda.

But with the recent Denver Batman Shootings, this article on does not surprise me either.


Update: I am not entirely agreeing that this was staged, but it definitely raises some questions.


It's so shitty, but I feel like I'm being conditioned to be skeptical of tragedy whether it was 9/11 and the theories behind it, or even this shooting in Colorado. There are just so many questions that go unanswered. As an American, it is historically and currently possible to be terrorized by your own government. Whether it is scaring people through isolated tragedies into voting for things that aim to protect individuals- the big picture is that you risk signing away your power and individual rights over to the government. In a country where we dump millions of our tax paying money into our military industrial complex, it seems like the ultimate irony if we chose to be policed by the same people.

What is the thing that separates us from communism? Democracy of course. After thousands of years of being ruled by dynasties, a division in leadership among generalissimo types in China yielded communism as the succeeding political party that forced unification in the face of foreign "spheres of influence".

While Mao did eventually kill an estimate of 50 million of his own people to make communism a modern Chinese reality, it was the circumstances of his country that made it seem almost impossible to unify his countrymen otherwise. And, it could have easily gone any other way-just look at the map. Of course this guy chose genocide above all else. But what stops a government from going one way or the other? If the government feels it justified to control it's people for any reason, who's to say they wouldn't do it under the guise of staged attacks and or manipulated unemployment numbers to evoke fear and instability?

In my opinion, you believe you can take care of yourself or you can't. You either want the government telling you what to do or you don't. Then there's the million shades of grey that you have to sift through in order to figure out exactly what political agendas support your quality of life or don't. But then you come to the realization that even in America, every political agenda is run by a multi national corporation behind it. The only thing we can truly influence it seems are our own communities and networks of individuals that we directly interact with. We have to stop relying on the media to tell us who we are and what we want, and figure it out for ourselves. Talk to somebody, walk in their shoes-is the sky really falling? And if it is- what's really going on?

Gun related crimes happen everyday and while there is no question what happened in Denver was another American gun related tragedy. There are always exceptions to every rule, so do we force everyone to live by the exception? "WIFE CUTS OFF MAN'S PENIS" is a headline that guided by the same logic we could supervise every woman's emotional instability factor, criminal record, and spousal abuse history to police knife control. But there's probably not enough money in knife control to make that an actual, legitimate, concern. If we were ruled by exceptions and absolutes we would be uprooting the foundation of what it means to live in a free society. And even if we're not as free as we wanna be, it can always get worse. That's a fact.

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How Jeans are Made. Manufacturing in Mexico. Even with denim one can see how much work goes into making a pair of jeans.

Don't sweat the technique

Nevermind handmade.. what about handwritten? Don't know if I could write this beautifully with a fountain pen!

Better than Jenga

I have that Bart Simpson's Guide to Life still.

This is some Final Destination shit..

Yaje! Thanks to Martin for this link

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My friend Melissa and her friend are starting to make jewelry. So siked! So sick. The world needs more original shit. I'll put the word out when they start selling them-maybe at the Flushing flea market this weekend. There's your clue.

$1 flea market bin. Score of the century.

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