Saturday, August 18, 2012


Last name SIMPSON First name BART


Part 2 of a VHS Matt Groening interview..

Saw the Hendrix/Marley shirt at Miss Lily's today and laughed. African Apparel makes some pretty sick shirts.. No idea who they are.. but apparently it's run by a "hairy French man in Bristol."


Thursday, August 16, 2012

My friend Liz produced this little video. Super touching, awesome story about a guy who rescues dogs so he can train them to be non-competitive sledding dogs.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Hans Richter | 1947


Arthur Lipsett | 1962
Joys, happiness, sorry and anxiety pieced together from pieces of sound and images Lipsett collected while working at the Canadian National Film Board.
Stanley Kubrick described it as "one of the most imaginative and brilliant uses of the movie screen and soundtrack that I have ever seen."

Shit. I really dropped the ball on the blog world while going through this rough patch. I could divulge the details of my problems in this little internet cave I've created for myself but I probably won't. Maybe one night when I'm super drunk and don't care anymore. Heavy Discussion has been officially dumped and it feels terrible. I am not known to be a negative kind of person, but when people that you love change on you it feels a little bit like getting run over by a procession of double decker buses. Side effects may include not blogging for days at a time. But it gives me therapy to write about experiences; it always has. You never realize things about people until you actually go through it. People always ask, do people change? Hell yeah they do. Maybe when we're in relationships with other people it's only a matter of time before someone changes. Like a time bomb cloaked in velvet. Having love is great. It's reassuring, it's cuddly, it gives you confidence. Sometimes that moment we share with others is fleeting, while others have love that has an endurance to last much longer.

I don't know if I ever purposely looked for love, historically it's just happened out of nowhere. But just as something can happen in a moment, it can disappear just as quickly. I guess that's life, people die under the same principle. It's like all these small moments- particles of split second decisions, twists in fate, unforeseen elements all dictate the framework of how the rest of your life falls into place. How you decide to react to these situations is the only thing we can try to control.

I hate pity parties and I hate being obsessive over things I can't control. So much of the idea of love is created in our minds. We want to believe in it when we feel it; convinced our own emotions and intuitions can not betray our best interests. We want to trust ourselves and we want to be able to trust other people. No matter how resilient humans can be, rejection is hard for everybody. Being rejected by someone you really love is one of the worst feelings in the world. It makes you feel vanquished, defeated, and deflated. It shoots a hole through your ego while leaving egg on your face, which is probably full of tears. It makes me feel like an orphaned afterthought, a punchline to my own cautionary tale.

At the end of the day I am grateful for my family, friends, and health. I am lucky to be alive and at least I know I can still feel things. I'm doubtful I'll ever find the right person at this point, and that's okay. Relying on yourself is the most logical avenue of survival in this world. And there's nothing romantic about that. I recently saw a drawing that said "happiness is not for everyone". It made me laugh because it's kind of genius. Everyone defines their own happiness and maybe that definition is constantly changing as we change. I guess that's why being true to oneself can be hard when we don't always know what it is that we want. Love and happiness, none of it is perfect. It can be flawed because people are flawed. But I think it's worth fighting for and believing in regardless. If only good things could last forever, we would never feel like we had to walk away from the very thing that once made us happy.