Saturday, August 25, 2012

This stupid bitch. People don't want to admit that racism is a huge problem in America- but this is incredibly pathetic. While people laugh on and clap. Ugh, this is disgusting. I can't believe people are given the air time to voice these absurd racist remarks. Wait, so you can't say bitch or cunt but you can say chink like 10 times in an interview? Really cool, America. Whether or not this was intended as a skit, I'm sure the audience had no idea one way or another if she was being serious or not. The laughter of people endorsing this kind of blatant racism is actually disturbing. Racist pieces of shit make the world a bummer. And proof of such insensitive viral racism proves that I am not hypersensitive to a phantom concept. Racism against "Asians" is just as real as any other kind of racism that exists in our country.


Tiananmen Massacre: The Rise & Fall of the 1989 Chinese Student Democracy Movement. China's Communist government declares war against its own citizens. Also, the fate of the Tank Man is detailed.

Wow. I don't even know how I found this.. This is like the most illuminating documentary, complete with footage of the 1989 Tiananmen Square Massacre. If you've ever wanted to know the story beyond the iconic photo of the lone tank man, here it is. There is about an hour of footage here to show why this event is never mentioned in their history books. The youtube stalls a bit, which allows you to experience the "subtle effects of censorship". Pretty surprised this is even on the internet. The sheer magnitude and importance of this student movement would strike the nerve of any dictatorship. Knowing about this movement and how widespread it was could potentially inspire new generations who prize truth and justice over corruption. I can't believe there is so much footage! I wonder if some believe that this video is a tool of "evil Western propaganda"? I think if you have a mind of your own you can come to your own conclusions.Warning: This video is graphic..

Friday, August 24, 2012

Hyped on these tracks

I've had dreams like this before. Not bouncing but floating a while. I also had a dream last night where it was of an eclipse. Except the eclipse cloaked the world in deep reds, oranges, and purples. I tried to take a picture of someone in it but it was blurry and stressful despite the surreal Earthly beautyscape. weird.


Bought three new CD's today. And YES, I bought that Yamaha stereo because I'm about to rock the shit out of my craze of hoarded cd's. Not to mention paradise lounge on some wireless IPOD player shit. JJ DOOM, NAS, PASSION PIT- WHAT UP? Year of Me.

Thursday, August 23, 2012


rag & bone MENS SS13. Just so you don't forget- skateboarding is VERY fashionable.. makes me want to learn a wall ride. Backing the homies that were skating in this though- all love. Make that $$..

Love this song.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Hm. The term "viral" might have been invented to describe this youtube. This guy is a violin assassin for sure.

"Knife skills"

Do they make guys like this anymore? Sheesh. Amazing. Trying to imagine some guy behind the silverscreen going at the soundtrack to some primative cartoons with a bowler's hat and a lit cigar.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Was shopping for duvet covers online to help transform my room. Just like the change that is happening in my life, I am convinced I have to start switching things up a bit for Fall. I usually don't back Urban Outfitters but their Apartment section is kind of a blessing for me. They recently collaborated with Mociun out of Brooklyn as well as Prince Ruth, a NY textile based company. Prince Ruth did a series of prints on duvets, shams, and tapestries called "scandances". Hyped on the digitally manipulated prints for sure.

Check out Prince Ruth's blog here
Check out some of Mociun's prints here

"Twomanji" out of NYC.. No need to feel nostalgic. Despite it's aesthetic, this youtube is fresh off the presses. Defintitely feel like I'm looking through rose tinted glaucoma glasses.

Top four reasons that people came to my blog this week. Well actually reasons 1,2,3 are all the same.

Some friends are organizing this event Friday! Stop by for not a good, but a GREAT cause. Community is where it's at to help a fellow friend and skateboarder. Flash tattoo booth? Bands? Booze? Brooklyn?

This sucks. Rihanna wearing PALACE shirts? Get the fuck out of here. Whatever. Everyone wears supreme and I still wear it. But Palace? Fuck. Couldn't even give me a couple more seasons? There is no such thing as underground these days. I guess underground doesn't pay either. Autumn RIP.


Watched "Ai Weiwei Never Sorry" last night at IFC with a friend who brought me. It was really well put together considering the scope of the story and situation. Also interesting to know that Ai Weiwei lived in the Lower East Side for over ten years from 1981-1993 as a Chinese art student experiencing a democratic society for the first time. What a time and a place to be for that sort of experience. Ai Weiwei's story and work is interesting in itself and he definitely exists as an active political figure through his art and expressive tweets whether he means to or not. He is quite humble and introspective while being completely enamored by the potential of social media. The simple acts and truths that were shared in this movie made me straight up weepy. His subversive political acts are witty and unyielding. To me, the movie was more than just about one man's struggle against the Communist political party. Ai Weiwei is a symbol of one man's ability to question and challenge any corrupt government. He is definitely a treasure for human rights abroad, and if you don't know about him already, get to know him.

Plot Summary: Ai Weiwei is China's most famous international artist, and its most outspoken domestic critic. Against a backdrop of strict censorship and an unresponsive legal system, Ai expresses himself and organizes people through art and social media. In response, Chinese authorities have shut down his blog, beat him up, bulldozed his newly built studio, and held him in secret detention. Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry is the revealing inside story of a dissident for the digital age who inspires global audiences and blurs the boundaries of art and politics. First-time director Alison Klayman gained unprecedented access to Ai while working as a journalist in China. Her detailed portrait provides a nuanced exploration of contemporary China and one of its most compelling public figures.-viayoutube

Sunday, August 19, 2012


Truth on so many levels. This was forwarded to me by a friend and I agree with it. This "rant" follows a conversation some friends and I just had about the Pussy Riots over the weekend. While riding in a cab, the rotating images of these Russian women in brightly colored ski masks having their identities peeled away by government escorts, hands cuffed caught my attention.

Why is coverage of foreign ( cold war throw back ) countries and their struggle with free speech filling up air time in my cab when there are so many unresolved problems in America? Why is the media so quick to engage the American public in the political laundry of other countries yet we are unable to acknowledge our own corruption and injustice? Is looking at the "backwardness" of other countries supposed to make Americans proud that we don't also get dragged away in cuffs kicking and screaming? Unless I've been smoking angel dust with God my whole life and have been living in a padded room, this particular impression is untruthful, and our reality is the exact opposite.

Is it better that in America we enjoy a naive sense of freedom when half of us still do not truly 'live free"? There are governments that will openly tell you they are corrupt as fuck and drag your ass out by the holsters of your integrity. The American Dream and the veil of it's potential gives us all the option to look away when it's inconvenient to stare.

We all want to believe that we have come a long way since the 60's, individuals of all creeds and colors being able to pursue equal opportunity at redefining their lives. The point is, while things have improved, for many they haven't. And they continue to not improve based on the deflated climate of the economy and the politics of government interest. The redefinition of a generation's anticipation of adulthood- job security, outsourcing, higher education, transformative gender roles in the work place etc have also been shifted to create a shaky landscape for financial independence.

On top of all these issues- who wants to hear about the possibility of getting murked by the police in broad daylight and in their homes? Americans shouldn't have to answer to or take orders from a police state. People don't go overseas to die to preserve a closet dictatorship. People don't come to America in search of discrimination and injustice. I don't wear American Flag pants because I'm proud that people get shot over their skin color. Our social cue of reassurance is that whoever is a casualty of a system is somehow a victim of social darwinism. Economic exploitation, racism, sexism, blind nationalism- who wants to admit that our taxpaying money provides the cash flow for the chains to our own flawed paradise? While the resilient spirit of the people alone fuels America's hopes and future.

In America we want to believe that we don't live in a police state. And they'll even outsource your evening news to Russia just to convince you that America is still the underdog purveyor of real freedom. Over thousands of years, the world has been carefully built on a system that ensures there are those that are entitled live well, and the rest have to deal with their inherited misfortune. When the groups of interest become smaller and more privatized, all the problems of a society suddenly become bigger and irrefutable. Strange to think that skin color can be the canary in the coal mine for human inequality and injustice. As long as people want to believe that the poisonous gas of human oppression isn't coming for them, the circle jerk of distracting propaganda just gets bigger.

Can't understand a lick of this, feeling her backpack. Guys breaking your damn heart and girls on rollerskates rolling away- what's new?

Sing it Skeeter