Thursday, September 13, 2012

Monday, September 10, 2012

This is a good one

I detest brainwashing of any kind; unless it's in Zoolander and it's super funny. All extreme government propaganda is the same. It's all bullshit and thank god there are people to protest it.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

I'm in Copenhagen trolling the fruit snack candy section at the bodega. Doo doo fish snacks?

That rat would put a nail in my coffin.

Stank blue jeans

" Fuck Scooters" I think I saw Tom Penny at the flea market.

Angle 2 

El Pissor.
Outside my hotel is a big street of drunk addicts and hookers of both Eastern European, African, and Thai persuasions.
Prostitution is not illegal here apparently. The cops here are babes and this dude is burning an umbrella while singing "Happy Birthday" to it in Danish. My camera sucks.
At the flea market, lurked this photo really hard. Couldn't believe my eyes. Now I can share it with everyone else. BTW, things I've noticed in Copenhagen.. People wear colorful tech Nikes, hot dads walking with strollers everywhere. And if you ever visit be ready to pay $9 American dollars for a hot dog. The Danish Krohn is murking the dollar. 
Hope and Fraser. Going for a bike ride rented from the hotel. Bikes make me nervous. I never ride them but in Copenhagen it's how people get around so it makes sense. I can respect the culture. Would probably prefer to ride a low rider bike or a cruiser board for sure. Felt like I was peddling on my tippy toes... shiiiittttt...

Satan is ruling these Danish streets.
Negative space usage.
Tooled leather bike seats. 

Tight collection.
At the airport.. saw Usain Bolt getting escorted. He threw me an Olympic level peace sign- it made my year. On instagram, will be posting that later. 
English beatboxing battle thing on the sidewalk.  London, yeah!? 
Carter!!!!! The best. 
Asked this BBQ restaurant what song was playing and they wrote it down. Couldn't put my finger on who it was- epic mystery solved. 
All American BBQ fiendz.
Oh yeah went to the Damien Hirst show at the Tate. Really enjoyed the "Doorways to the Kingdom of Heaven" part of the retrospective.



Elissa Steamer's Epicly Laterd part. Rad. She lives in the Richmond district which is pretty insane- that's where I grew up. Nobody lives there. Except since I've moved it seems that people have started moving in. OUTER RICHMOND-WASH HAUS WUT IT DO!! She boarders- favorite quote. In Copenhagen currently- where it smells like gummy bears and even the cops are babes. I highly recommend visiting here for eyeball aesthetic calibration. Will be a noob tourist for the next few days and then I'm out to Istanbul for another few days. Sometimes the blog needs to get hung up on the digital coat rack for a minute.