Saturday, September 22, 2012


The Voter ID issue. As if this should be a real issue.  Politicians are such scumbags.. and Sarah Silverman is sometimes funny.

Friday, September 21, 2012


My feet were in Istanbul last weekend. Thought about buying one of these hats then realized I would probably never wear it unless I was drunk at my house.

Saw this guy with like Turkish pretzels on his head. Not pictured: a monumental Egyptian obelisk behind him that's pretty epic but I thought this was more entertaining. 

Couldn't believe there were still no takers either..

Turkish shoe display

The only dignified way to smoke

Rug Game 
Ah shit.. got the light on that one flower

Outside living room stylez

This is what mountains of cavities look like
There is some serious civilian fishing that goes on in this city. These fish sandwich guys stand around with their grills and hook you up with a nicely seasoned, deboned fish snuggly placed between two generous loaves of bread.

I don't know what they feed the sun in Turkey. But that sun is no joke. The brightness of the sun will blaze your eyeballs off. Fortunately, I got to keep mine..

Cats everywhere. People treat them super well in Istanbul. I think the biggest crime against a cat I saw was a kid yanking on a tail in the park. Istanbul is one big retirement sidewalk for

Turkish fashions- lean back.

Additional gear choices I might sport drunk in my apartment.. Or in an after school play about a sultan of some kind..

I am a mega lurker.

Day to day. 


This is a face of a thousand dish sales.
I am pretty sure I would look bad wearing all of these shirts.

Super awe inspiring mosques everywhere. The amount of living history in the city is enough to captivate any feeble tourist. What's even cooler is how many of the locals seem to be very knowledgable about the region's history as well. The Ottoman Empire is probably one of the reasons why history books were invented.

This is my bird photo.
The Hagia Sophia. Built in the year 360. No joke. Mind blown.
All you can do is shake your head when you're in there. And look for subtle Ancient Alien clues in the architecture.

Marbleized ancient alien fingerprint.
The city itself is so old there is no center and the streets do not run on a grid whatsoever. Five  times a day mosques will broadcast Muslim chants that can be heard throughout the city.

Like most port cities I have been to, Istanbul is definitely one of the more beautiful cities I've visited. It's obvious that this city is still relatively untouched by a mass overhaul of architectural urbanization. Unlike a lot of other modern cities I've been to, Istanbul has still managed to keep a lot of it's old world, authentic charm. It's almost unbelievable how old some of these buildings and ruins are. It was also interesting to see that there were endless small mom and pop type hotels and not necessarily giant foreign chain ones that took up whole city blocks. 

He's holding something up- it must be important.
Stray cat getting into mischief..

The mischief of being a super cute street cat with not a care in the world..
I wonder what that guy is thinking..

Underaged tobacco hands.

This mosque was considered one of the newer ones. It was built sometime in the 1500's.

I quite possibly found the creepiest mannequin ever. Jumbo sized perv in the corner.

Random Turkish #phatstylez.

This guy is a hoarder's dream come true.

This lady is killing it.

There's a saying that after the Battle of Kosovo -1389, Sultan Murad visited the battle field, and all he saw was a field all in red because of the blood and the star next to it. Some say the Sultan Murad was in tears with the scene right before his eyes, and the reflection of the moon and the star in the bloody field inspired the idea for the flag of the victorious Ottoman Empire. - wikipedia

Stick a sword in it.
Little feet.

Little feet got her nails did.

Got to see some Roman era Medusa heads in the underground Basilica Cistern. 

Upside down Versace head.
This kitten was so small and wonky eyed. Felt so bad for it! But this girl saved it after it hissed and clawed at her a few times. Life is tough for a kitten just trying to blend into a wall..
Never 4 get.
Traveling abroad, Tuborg was my religion. Danish Malt liquor and some special rocks/crystals I bought. 

The options are endless until you hit your fourth choice.

Came across a public gym. Proof here that Americans can't say no to free gyms.

Every obstacle must be tried and conquered.
I'm going to give up wearing clothes and just wear layers of sweet Turkish rugs.