Saturday, October 6, 2012

Somebody bring this look back? ( Rabbit wise ) 


Friday, October 5, 2012

Obsessed with these Nike Pocket Runner II's since I saw the Pocket Runner I's in Hong Kong this weekend. Slip on, no hassle shoes with a mesh fit and loose leather toe cap is what I have recently been feeling shoewise. Super simple, streamlined, and comfortable.  I bought both of these colorways on sale. I guess that's how I know I'm in the right industry. Designing shoes yet still obsessed with them. 

Thursday, October 4, 2012


Been hearing good things about this movie- once I get back to the US, will be planning on watching on it.

Some pretty good user comments that I've seen before all condensed into one youtube. Kind of hate those weird sound EFX.


Have been pretty out of the loop as far as America's goingsons are concerned. But the one glaring headline from the debate other than Mitt exceeding expectations with his confident debating is that it might be time for Sesame Street to ante up. How is he about to fire Big Bird? Came across this old youtube of a VHS tape I used to own: Big Bird in China! This used to be my jam! I remember being super young and vividly remember so many scenes from this including the little Chinese girls dancing in their duck costumes and the mythical Monkey King making a dramatic appearance on The Great Wall. Super crazy watching it now and seeing just how massively China has changed in the past few decades. This Sesame Street International special came out in 1983 when people were still wearing Mao suits and Tiananmen Square would not happen for another six years.  The fact I'm almost 30 watching something I watched when I was a single digit human and reliving all these special little moments with Big Bird's uncovered clues further convinces me that the internet is an arguable source of time travel. I'm also thinking this is a prime example of when the American economy was better and Big Bird could afford to wear a striped tie on his global travels.  

According to Powerhouse Museum:

The Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution was a mass movement launched in 1966, to remould society and reactivate Communist ideals. Ultimately however, it was little more than a power struggle between Mao Zedong, Chairman of the Communist Party and his political rivals. For many it signified a loss of tradition, and a loss of their career, hope and trust. Many people lost their lives.

Traditional dress was categorised as one of the Four Olds:

  • old ideas
  • old culture
  • old customs
  • old habits.
Western suits, ties and dresses were confiscated and many owners were denounced and physically abused for their so-called bourgeois past.

During the Cultural Revolution many civilians wore khaki military clothing to demonstrate their revolutionary allegiance. The majority dressed in sympathy with the proletariat as concern with personal appearance was regarded as a sign of spiritual corruption and an expression of a bourgeois past.

Many wore patched garments, some through necessity and others through political fervour. 

With this reality in mind, it is pretty insane to see China economically boom and  transform the way it has since Big Bird decided to take a slow wooden boat to China. It is also ironic that although still Communist, China's wealthiest and growing middle class are driven to being name brand obsessed. I don't care where you are in the world, wherever there is a Chanel or a Louis Vuitton can somebody tell me why the first ten people in line are almost always Mainland Chinese tourists? That's not even racist- it's true. Hong Kong, Paris, New York- I've seen it first hand.  But with any consumer purchasing a luxury item, it is an understood social cue that name brands represent status. Many would agree Communist or not that supporting luxury industries can contribute to, "spiritual corruption" and or at least call in to question "ethical dilemmas" on some level.

According to a Business Insider article from August, the average Chinese millionaire is 39 years old, has on average two private bank accounts, three cars, and 4.2 luxury watches. I'm pretty sure the car list doesn't include a Prius and the watch list doesn't include a Swatch. Who knows maybe in the future China will be so rich they will create a SUPERLUXURY category and it's mascot will be Big Bird in a sparkly Mao suit made of Hope diamonds wearing Nike Air Yeezy 2's?

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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The last time I put Justin Beiber on this blog, he was getting shot and killed on TV. This time he's puking on stage.

Racism in America. Hate Crimes have a new face.

Really happy about my Painted Bird purchase. Personal Malcolm X t shirt collection: 2 

Feeling the sampling of both audios and visuals.

The evolving landscape of the music industry + readiness according to Shad. He sounds like a humble , down to earth guy.. which makes me like him even better!

You may have heard about the boat accident that killed more than 30 people last night in Hong Kong. Super tragic and probably ominous to the Chinese at this point.  Was watching China's National Day holiday fireworks display in Hong Kong. Inarguably, I got the best view of this giant crane. 
Got brought to a fancy French dinner for work. Vanilla souffle with Raspberry everythings. I even got a glittery raspberry flat hat for my ice cream scoop that was encased in a white chocolate shell. Oh, and AMARETTO on the rocks. Amaretto on the rocks is the shit. I ain't hard to please- I would have been fine with Popeye's. 
Fancy French cheese stretcher. A third waiter says " This guy is a part time model! He's a cheese model! " And then he put his hands over the other guys face. 
Out of focus cheeses. 
This guy should be the mayor of Hong Kong.
I know a lot of kookbirds. Fact.

I've featured youtube user Vihart before. She is some kind of masterful time waster or high school? college? grad student? genius? She brings the possibilities of" not paying attention in class" or "internet k hole" to a whole other level. So I'm going to have to go with viral youtube wizard content on this one. If only I wasn't so easily entertained..

Monday, October 1, 2012