Saturday, October 20, 2012


Went to Baller's Eve the other night to score a copy of Buckley's photos! You can try to figure out where Patrick is in this photo.. One clue. Octodad.
Buckley and Ricker! Yup!

Party bone.
Newport looking all shadow effecty.

Sweet Waste looking super suspect. As usual.

Kelling's cool face! These dudes r tight. Rippers.

Damn. Still learning to use my camera. Every photo I tried to take of BD his eyes were like almost closed.
Saw Danny out! Seeing people out in NY brings a smile to my heart..

Dope! Reni and Ed representing the only way they know how to. This is why I love black and white photos. 
Nathan and Jimi. When you have a camera one of the most popular poses is a giant middle finger. 

Shelly and Nick

Bar hugz
This photo reminds me there is an Apple Pie contest at Enids on Sunday. Probably because Bridgette makes delicious savory foods and baked goods and is known to bring them to her happy hour at Motorcity.
Awww shit... Wildman! 

Dude. Marc's Party Face is a thing of stoke

Watching Galen hit on girls in this attire is pretty amazing. 
Two Dollar Stories Crew. These guys are skilled writers. Although one prefers being introduced as a rapper.

Ha. Even Brengar was getting loose.  

This shirt is like a best friend necklace. When I see one of these shirts on someone the liklihood we get along well is almost guaranteed.
Local 138 

 When someone is wearing your hat in a picture  that you're taking and you don't remember  taking it, it means you probably got super faded and woke up to the hangover 4.

Friday, October 19, 2012

My dad played this about 50 times the day before I left. No exaggeration. It's a great song.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Back in NYC. The Jam.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Saw this on facebook. Racial profiling is real. I got in an argument with someone from work about the NYPD. He insisted that they are among the most strict and heavily supervised police force in the country basically and I had no idea what I was talking about as far as racial profiling. Needless to say, my blood boils over this shit. Of course the critics can look at this youtube and say this is just one isolated recording of a supposed situation. Or that we can't quantify just how many crimes we might be stopping overall through this controversial policy. Let's face it, this recording is completely disturbing and this is exactly why Stop And Frisk is controversial. The Police Commissioner describes one of Stop And Frisk's inconveniences as a loss of time. Wow, getting called a fucking mutt and to shut up or get punched in the face sounds like time well spent. It also sounds like my tax dollars are hard at work questioning 17 year olds about why they are carrying around empty backpacks. With half a million views and counting, this youtube will again remind the public who isn't as immediately affected by Stop and Frisk, what is still happening every day in New York City.

    Things My Dad Has Said In The Past 12 Hours:

" The internet can not cook for me! "

" Why don't we just party at home tonight and listen to Rare Earth?"

" The government can't stop me!!"

" I'm Jewish!! "


Monday, October 15, 2012

So rad! Motivational youtube of the week

Sunday, October 14, 2012


Took a roadtrip with my bro's ( actual bros ) to Yilan, on the east coast of Taiwan.  One of my favorite things of all time are Taiwanese nightmarkets. Open from evening until at least 1 or 2am, they satisfy my inner snack enthusiast while keeping me visually entertained. This nightmarket in particular seemed to go on forever, with busy streets and tons of people going in every which direction. There is a good energy with nightmarkets, everybody wants to be there and there is a vibrance with all the lights, people, positive food smells, and night time commerce that is distinctly Taiwanese. From traditional Aboriginal grilled boar sausage on a stick to various squid and octopus dishes and fresh sugar cane juice, the possibilities go on and on. 

This place is the green onion pankcake jam! Yilan is renowned for their super potent and fragrant green onion. The texture, soft and slightly flaky with a nice crispy top layer to bite into. Even compared to eating a raw garlic clove with a boar's meat sausage ( delicious ) the green onion from the region left my mouth with an instant wasabi like effect. Onion fumes all up in my nostrils. Onion win.

Can we talk about Linsanity and how it lives on forever in Taiwan? I saw a few men and young boys walking around Taipei and Yilan with different kinds of Jeremy Lin t shirts. I am kicking myself now for not taking their photos. Better late than never, I will have to start seeing if I can get the balls to take their photos for the sake of Lin-kind. Shit is history! Somehow I feel even though Lin is now a  Rocket, to the minds of the Taiwanese he will always play for the Knicks. And um, they are totally right. 
Roasted chestnuts getting tossed around in some jet fueled sugar glaze process
I think I found the Taiwanese Justin Beiber? Probably not. But it's really cool to see how lively the night markets are and the pictures of youthful television celebrities posted on these food carts to entice both adventurous and loyal snackers.                                      
Onion Buns. I ain't afraid of no onion..
All I see is delicious chicken skin
Made an informed decision to invest in a Panasonic Lumix GX1. My family rents to a camera shop and I got a damn good deal. Finally. Thank you Camera Gods and family ties. Also purchased a 20mm pancake lens for it and am now in over my head as far as how to use a camera that's not the easiest point and shoot camera in the world ( canon powershot ). Super happy about upgrading my kit and can't wait to learn how to fully use it.

It's not that I have a baby obsession, they are just always there whenever I look down! Or they just catch my eye for some reason. I don't mind it though. 

Brown sugar glazed strawberries and or tomatoes on a stick. I know sugar glazed tomatoes? I don't eat those, sugar glazed strawberries however- yes , yes- and yes.

One of the more popular snacks in Yilan is this peanut shaving, ice cream rice wrap. This guy, his wife, and his two kids run this particular stall. His two little kids are super rad just shouting at passerbys to come try their food.  They also take the orders and relay it to their parents. Cute overload? Hell yes.
Here their daughter is assisting the man with little cilantro ( Chinese parsley ) portions for each wrap. I wasn't the hugest fan of this combination but for three wraps for three people at 100 NT (roughly $3.30), it was worth a try for sure! And of course you get to support all these people offering a unique culinary experience in the process.