Friday, October 26, 2012


The fint print says Free Tacos on Oct 30th. And it has to be a Doritos Taco. Not sure how I feel about that. 

Thursday, October 25, 2012


It just seemed like yesterday "PITCH TO BARRY" during Giants games was the preferred rally cry. I remember attending the 2002 World Series when the Giants played the Anaheim Angels and during that game we totally fucking lost. We lost 10-4. Although the Giants came back the next two games, we ended up losing the title to the Angels but win or lose I will always be a Giants fan.

Just like most people growing up in any particular city, you tend to be exposed to your first baseball team just by sheer geographical coincidence. In 1989, because of the earthquake, I vividly remember watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles instead of the A's vs Giants World Series. I'm pretty positive if I wasn't five and obsessed with scrappy street turtles I would have watched the game instead. In San Francisco, the Giants aren't just a baseball team. They are synonymous of the city and people itself. And yes while you can apply that to most cities, most cities are not like San Francisco. If I could describe San Francisco in two words I would pick: Fanatical Locals. Not Extremist locals. Fanatic behavior includes rowdy public mattress burnings in the Mission and gay dudes celebrating the World Series in leather chaps and whistles while Extremist behavior elicits full fledged violent rioting and vehicle turning.

Only in San Francisco, a city encompassed in 49 square miles and roughly 800,000 residents, can you go to a house party where 70% of the guys are wearing Giants gear just to remind each other where they're at. And this was before we ever won a World Series in the bay. So when San Francisco went to the World Series for the first time ever in 2010, won it, and returned to the World Series tonight not even three years later- it's a big deal. It's like you and all your little kooky SF weirdo friends finally made it (again) to some big house party in LA no one expected you to go to.

When I watch television sportscasters talk about the technicalities and stats of baseball players it's about as exciting as watching the newest winner of American Idol open up the World Series ( boring! ). However I did enjoy the singing cop. And yes maybe it's because I don't understand half the shit they are saying but to an extent what do statistics really tell us that won't necessarily be defied by the unpredictable gliches of reality? Hasn't anyone seen Moneyball?! A shining example- who could have ever predicted Sandoval hitting three consecutive homeruns in the first game? Literally, jaw dropping. Disney wouldn't even make up a baseball movie that ridiculous. Moments like that are what make baseball fun to watch. I don't care about the A.Rods, Jeters, or even the Verlanders of the game. The supposed unshakeable titan players who rule the field with their iron bats and unstoppable pitching. I like the idea of a chance lineup of relative underdogs that rise above their own statistics and surprise both fans and critics in the process. Couple momentum with smart baseball and you have an entertaining franchise to loyally support for the rest of your life. Why can't everything be this simple? By the way, still waiting for my alleged free World Series taco. I'll have to watch to see if every mouth in America actually gets a free Taco Bell Taco if someone steals a base during the World Series. Did I mention in 8th grade my  parting yearbook quote was "Yo Quiero Taco Bell"? Obviously very profound at a younger age- but looking back on it now in relation to this World Series, it seems more serendipitous than anything. I look forward to enjoying this free taco with extra hot border sauce. But most importantly, I look forward to watching the Giants ultimately clench the 2012 World Series title.

Missed this shit on tv. Lil Wayne repping the Giants- can't hate on that too hard, even though there are a few other things to shake your head at like his actual singing. I guess Lil Wayne is like SF's stand in Jefferson Airplane?

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Anybody that actually follows this blog will probably be all GANGnamed out by now. But thanks to facebook, China's Ai Weiwei has managed to add an unexpected level of fascination to this contemporary dance craze. Viral potentiality? Up there.

Halloween is coming up. With that in mind, still browsing ideas on what to be! Hmm.. MF DOOM mask with less than $20? Tell me more..

Yayoi Kusama. Missed her show at the Whitney- not dope, this youtube- dope.

Tate Modern's First Look at Kusama

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


What better way to celebrate the Giants 2012 World Series bid than a timeline of all the great baseball threads this team has been donning since the beginning? Back when there were the Brooklyn Robins, the Boston Beaneaters, and all those crazy crazy guys playing turn of the century baseball in knickerbockers, you had the New York Giants. In 1958 they would become the San Francisco Giants. Thanks to the National Baseball Hall of Fame Uniform database,
 Heavy Discussion can have a virtual baseball runway show. 

1906 NEW YORK GIANTS baseball uniforms
( The NY Giants won the 1905 World Series )
1916 NEW YORK GIANTS baseball uniforms
1921 NEW YORK GIANTS baseball uniforms

1923 NEW YORK GIANTS baseball uniforms
1949 NEW YORK GIANTS baseball uniforms

1958 SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS baseball uniforms
1979 SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS baseball uniforms

1989  SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS baseball uniforms
2012 SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS baseball uniforms
Somehow I prefer the old faceless models to the new guy that looks like a cop without his gun.


Best way to not get over jetlag is by going out to Enid's on a Saturday

Jeremy DJ'ing the shit out of the spot.

This photo is so questionable, sorry Jeremy- had to put this up!

It's Fall. Obey the Autumnal cut outs

Best Bartender League

I made people pose with these weird fake flowers I found laying around

Sweet Waste is always down to put things in his mouth

Never thought I would have a photo of Igei posting up with a bouquet!

Or Pryce...

This photo is so weird..? Out of focus and random

Best smiles in the house! CLUB ENIDS

Monday, October 22, 2012