Saturday, November 10, 2012

Been watching a lot of Key and Peele lately. Dubstep skit!

Yes, they did. Haha!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Between the last youtube of Lana Wachowski and this speech Obama made to his team, it's a positive cryfest for the future at Heavy Discussion. I know it doesn't take only tear drops to convince people that somebody is being genuine, but one thing is for sure is that Barack Obama is not your average President. Having a politician that actually cares about people and significant social causes is one step closer to realizing a more tolerant America. A tolerant America can encourage people who feel invisible to be visible. In my ideal world all citizens should be encouraged to thrive and contribute to their society. Ultimately I believe one moment, one person and one idea can change the world. That is definitely a dream worth chasing and realizing. And everybody should be entitled to that opportunity. 

From the director of The Matrix Trilogies and Cloud Atlas, comes this insanely moving speech about Lana Wachowski's experience as a transgender. I recommend watching this youtube if you are inspired by the courage of other people. The articulation of her personal struggles with identity and selfless vision for the future are instrumental in the films she directs and I'm really glad people like her are making films. Her humble eloquence about really difficult, complex, social matters are on a whole other level. The reelection of Obama has also made me believe that our country has taken a reaffirming step in it's consciousness of judging an individual based on their words and actions and not just the way they look. It makes me hopeful for the future.Thanks to Jill for this link!


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Perfect ice cube in my bourbon wise. My friend Bryan helped me out with his iphone flashlight. Tight.

This place has the best candied eggplant, tofu, coconut curry vermicelli noodle soup


Ying with her fly styles

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Women, Hispanics/Minorities, and Young Voters. Constituents that have significantly shaped the reelection of Barack Obama. Ironically, constituents that are often overlooked as well. What I think we're going to hear about is this Hurricane Sandy x factor for the Presidential trail that may or may have not affected voters towards Election Day. I think regardless of voting party, Obama and Christie were doing their job while peoples lives and livelihoods were at stake. Is the nation so divided and alienated from tragedy that people can not recognize two human beings trying to resolve a crisis? It's their job- it's what they are supposed to do. It's what we pay and elect them to do. Yet somehow Republicans have criticized New Jersey governor Chris Christie for "praising" Obama because he was doing his job and inherently shifting favorability for the President. What's wrong with people? 

Another thing is this archaic electoral college we still have. Even in my pedestrian understanding of politics, the electoral college is a bit of a relic that doesn't truly reflect the diversity of today's shifting voters and interests. The tight margin of the popular vote from tonight's election illustrates a severe divide as suggested by some media outlets ( FOX ). But I truly believe that if everyone's indifferent family member voted, and we all have one or several, the popular vote number would probably be different. Afterall, isn't the large voting party the non-voting party in this country? When people believe that the electoral college will ultimately decide their state's role in the election, what real incentive is that for every citizen to truly believe, participate, and effect a real democracy? Now that the country has spoken, maybe we can finally get over no brainer issues like gay marriage, women's rights, the gradual legalization of marijuana. Can we just all agree that enough time has been spent arguing on these issues and now it's time to move on to some real challenges like the economy, renewable energy, and impending apocalyptic weather for starters? One day in the distant future, when people stop arguing about the same shit- people might start to find more common ground against government policies that target it's own people than arguing about two guys holding hands.

Obama gave a soaring speech tonight and I'll cross my fingers that in the coming months more intelligent governing will come. I don't expect miracles because it's all politics. But at least I can breathe a little easier. And that's going to let me sleep better at night. For now.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Thank you facebook! This is a new commercial for a pizza spot. Dude- so good. Thank you Orion and Wildman for putting me onto this! Of course David's Pizza is in Stockton,CA.


Sometimes the choice isn't as easy.

Uhhh..... wow. Devastatingly real. I'm sure on both sides there are really ignorant comments made by voters of all parties. And although there have been questionable Drone usage, NDAA, Patriot act type legislation under Obama.. I agree with more of Obama's range of views than Romney. There are plenty of things I don't like about Romney, but my bigger fear is if in a campaign trail I already don't like someone, then in office I will probably hate him. For one thing, his campaign has failed to draw out significant plans to restore the economy while supporters blindly follow. People can complain about the economy and jobs all day long, but who's to say our current stipulation won't become worse when a shady businessman who has already lied about profiting from outsourcing jobs on a private sector level won't apply it a thousand fold on a national scale? And this is a guy who believes 47% of all Americans expect handouts. But that's what it comes down to. In a Presidential Election you can't pick perfection but you can pick the guy closest to your ideal. And I think we all are smart enough to know that politicians almost never achieve the height of their lofty ideals. Whether they are pathological liars or genuine dreamers, our system is so bureaucratic, it would take a complete transformation of the world as we know it to really achieve the unachievable. 


Classic Farrah. Classic chase.



"Free Buzz" feature put together thoughtfully by Galen of Dollar Stories fame.  Get Buzzed on these visuals.

Monday, November 5, 2012

If you are interested in volunteering in NYC, got some info :

Lower East Side -  
The Bowery Mission
45-51 Ave D
contact: Claude Nelson 212-777-3424.
Specific Requests:
Generator &  Volunteers

GOLES (open 12pm-5pm)
169 Ave. B btwn 10th and 11th
Requests for Volunteers:
Volunteers needed to check on and supply disabled, elderly and those who cannot get aid on their own.  Just show up or contact: GOLES office 212-358-1223. or call Goldi at 917-382-9868.
Nazareth Housing
206 E. 4th street ( near the corner of Avenue A and 4th street)
Contact: Michael Callaghan (212) 471-7017
Specific Requests:
Apples & Cookies
Brown paper bags
Batteries, Candles & Flashlights

Far Rockaway’s -  

Wear waterproof shoes
Bring latex gloves to wear under work gloves.
Bring  flashlights & shovels

power strips/heavy duty power cords
duct tape
contractor-sized trash bags
personal care items
flashlights and batteries
baby formula & diapers
Volunteer and Drop-off Location
Firehouse - 58-03 Rockaway Beach Blvd
Need neighborhood outreach, help distributing meals, setting up a restaurant-style food station in the firehouse, digging people’s cars out of the sand, helping people get in and out of the Rockaway’s, etc.
St. Gertude – B38 and Beach Channel Dr.
St. Francis DeSailles, Beach 129th

Staten Island -
The Red Cross Kitchen (Veterans Rd. West in the Home Depot/Target shopping center parking lot) - Non-perishable canned food in large (size 10) cans, bread, and fresh produce

Mt. Loretto (6581 Hylan Blvd.) &  Miller Field (the entrance at Mill Rd. & New Dorp Ln.)
Heavy Duty Brooms & Rakes
Work & Latex Gloves
Face Masks
Plastic Storage Bins with Tops
Large Nylon Bags
Battery-Operated Lanterns
Packing Supplies
Plastic tables, plastic chairs and plastic sheeting are needed as residents attempt to sort out and salvage water-soaked personal possessions.

Other Areas

Volunteering in New Jersey -
Volunteering in Bergen County NJ -
Volunteering on Long Island -
Volunteering in Westchester and Hudson Valley -
Volunteering with NYC Service -  
Volunteering with the United Way -  
Volunteering in Red Hook -

Sunday, November 4, 2012

2 minute time lapse of Hurricane Sandy hitting New York.

60 Years of Campaign Ads. An interesting look at televised presidential campaigning. The world is constantly in transition yet somehow things feel strangely repetitive.

Chris Rock's message to White Voters. Solid points. And it's not what you think.. ha..

Louis CK rules. Last call at a bar- pretty much.