Saturday, March 16, 2013

As I mentioned in my previous post I missed my flight to Florence so now I'm in London for a few more days before
heading back to the US of A. Maybe things happen for a reason? So I could buy some Palace shirts before
I return home and drink street beers with friends? 
It's wavy out here. 

This is how you make orange juice and lemonade.
Wow. This shit is nuts.
I yelped the Sebright Arms. Believe it or not there is a delicious burger in London. The weird half
eaten one on the bottom left is mine. I've eaten two burgers since I've been here. A solid
cheeseburger and the El Chapo burger which is basically aged beef, blue cheese, bacon, pickles,
garlic aoli and a nicely toasted bun.

Pinky ring shit. Not just a fad, family heirlooms. I've noticed a few dudes wearing these
hand me down rings.

This is how they do it in London Town. Can't hate. A delicious burger
should be in fact treated like the classy piece of meat it is. 

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