Sunday, March 17, 2013

Started out a busy weekend! Charlie had his fifth solo show opening.
I felt it was a really good show. Charlie does a great job of
balancing aesthetic with substance in his work. Many larger pieces in this show were centered around the language of protest and the different
flowers that are used both symbolically and physically to remember these movements. 

Leslie is the best at modeling with art pieces. No contest. 

Observing the subtle lint piece on the top of this piece. Ah, art. 
This fly is part of a piece.  Rad. If you are in London check out Charlie's show at
The Almanac Projects in Dalston.  The show runs until April 7th.

This is the part of the night where I drank this entire tub of beer. Just kidding. This was at the new opening
of the second location for Slam City Skates.  These European skate events serve
really classy beer. 

Mad fools. 
The best part about being in London is legalized street beers.
Who's that guy? I don't know. I was trying to take a photo of all the outdoor
stuff they are carrying at Slam and he was just kind of there looking like he was having
a good time. So no, not intentionally lurking on this dude. But yeah, they sell Patagonia bags and jackets at Slam. I guess it's like how many Herschel bags can a store carry anyway? Might as well get straight to
the point and just sell Patagonia.  
I came to London for shit weather and Greenpoint beer. Just kidding. Everyone
in London has been super rad! Poland is the original Greenpoint.
Yeah this dude is super funny. And apparently he has the best nollie flip in London.
His last name is Pellow(?) and he figured out
he would start a show called Pellow Talk where he would lay in his bed and
interview famous people and his friend's famous, hot girlfriends from.  Not a bad idea at all. 
Englishmen trying out out-tall each other. 

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