Monday, April 29, 2013

Dj'ed the KCDC Arto Saari photo show at Villain on Thursday. Super fun! 16 OZ PBR's to your
beer belly's content. Francis is the opposite of a beer belly though. Two year old cuteness overload with velcro vans! 

As they say in Japan "KAWAII"!!!! (cute)
Pre show mellow vibes.

There were some really good photos up.

Downside to playing music on the second floor is you end up feeling like a surveillance drone, hovering over the actual party. 

Friends to keep me company!

Aw shit... Buy some shit for the Kessler Foundation!!

Night moves.

Skyline pee break.

Oh wut?? Beige turtle neck giving me the side eye. 


Amy and her friend. Yeah that Steve Olson photo is pretty epic.

The space was so big, there were quite a few people skating flatground during the show. Always sick.

Ha. Tino's wasted. 

Let's not lie, so was I. Wasted enough to go to San Loco, order nachos,  drink a coke and take a photo of it. Just another Unemployed Thursday.

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