Sunday, April 21, 2013

Wow. Politicians and news outlets can't wait to turn the Boston Marathon bombings into an immigration issue. 

Separately, King said Friday night after the suspect was taken into custody, “The fact that these terrorists were from overseas, living legally in our country for a period of time, and the fact that there was no federal intelligence or chatter prior to the marathon bombings demonstrates once again the Islamist terrorist threat to our country from within our borders.”-

All around the situation is just fucking tragic. Now the government wants to declare the remaining brother an "enemy combatant", under the law of war? This is obviously an act of domestic terrorism but if these guys are naturalized American citizens, it just all seems really sketchy how the government is handling this. Like, not allowing the public to know the exact injuries of the younger brother? Why? So they can put another bullet in him in the hospital? One thing is for sure, is when all the explosions happened everyone wearing a ubiquitous black backpack was a potential suspect. What makes me wonder is how a 19 and 26 year old could undermine FBI intelligence and elude bomb sniffing dogs and military personnel present at the race? My heart goes out to all those that have died and were affected by this, but one can't help but be riddled with questions. Lots of questions.

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