Wednesday, May 1, 2013


The Boston carjacking victim recounts his brush with death. I've looked at only a few articles published so far about this.. and one that seems to be quite thorough is on It is interesting because the brothers carjacked a Mercedes with a 26 year old Chinese entrepreneur in it. The victim believes he escaped by playing up his immigrant Chinese background through a stretch of awkward conversations. It's kind of crazy how much the article reads like a movie, but it does to me. The only peculiar thing I found about the article was that the victim found himself praying at one point. Which made me wonder because most Chinese people are not religious. Only a small percentage of the population are taoist or buddhist, with an even smaller margin being muslim/christian or other religions. I guess when you are that close to death, most people will find some sort of God or reason to believe in, even if they haven't found one already. I can only imagine how heightened our intrinsic senses become and how clear our purposes may crystalize when certain death starts to navigate in our passenger seat.

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