Monday, August 5, 2013

Hm.. Saw this was happening a few weeks back. Feels oddly staged. Even though it is a music video that shouldn't be surprising. This video successfully blurs the line of performance and performance.. just leaves me kind of confused. Update: I think what was confusing me was realizing that a celebrity of his magnitude declaring performance art on himself is like watching someone try to unscramble an egg. Someone wrote on my Facebook " art is about being close, celebrity is about being distant." It's obvious for a lot of celebrities there is a gross imbalance. Even though there is no question Jay Z has come a long way, and is an insanely talented musician as well as businessman, I just don't understand why he couldn't just say he was giving a free show and call it a day? Does everything you do have to be wrapped in a layer of Picasso? I guess he just wants to remind everyone he's an artist.. like incase you forgot. 

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