Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Been reshuffling my surroundings in anticipation of some life changes. IE quitting job and starting my own shoe company. I came across an old hard drive and lo and behold a bunch of Autumn photos from 2008. I'm pretty positive I used to have more photos than this but who knows maybe ten years from now I'll find another hard drive somewhere else. I guess since I started this blog around 6 years ago I could have some of these photos online already but who cares. A long winded photo essay on Autumn is just injecting the site with some appropriate throwback.

Grandpa helped me spray down this dope two tone tiger stripe job. It was one of my favorite cruiser boards ever.

Dogbone and Travis from Seshwan. That was a good t shirt. You can always date an Autumn photo by what "new" t shirt people are wearing.

Hm. Me doing a kickflip casually in the store was definitely before I tore my PCL. Miles in the background. Well before his Ranger days. You could also date the shop and guess what was going on at the time by looking at the t shirt coloration on the racks and what was displayed in the window. On a stocked day, the t shirt racks would be color gradiated from blacks, grays, to whites of autumn shirts. On this day, the display looked basically composed of Miles's hoody. So it's safe to assume we had probably almost nothing in the shop.

Charles taking a sneaky selfie on my camera.

Backside Ted. The local skateboarding grouch. But also an Autumn Alumni. Me being silly and what not.

Old Autumn sign. Glad I took a photo of it in action.

When the cash register was facing the right wall when you walked in.

Mooney was definitely an Autumn fixture.

Common Autumn sighting. The gathering of minds to watch youtube skate clips. And Grandpa pacing back and forth narrating the history of every trick already done on that spot in true Autumn form.

Lou trying on Autumn jeans in the back. On an average day, you would have to throw out a tall trash can stuffed full of arizona iced tea cans and gatorades. While the second bag was stuffed full of grip tape scraps and it's paper backs which were often slathered in pizza grease fingerprints. 


Quite possibly the best photo I have of that era. Todd Jordan's handwritten outline of the Autumn skate video that never was: 24/1.

Razo Tail, photoshop magic in full effect.

Brett Land and his chorizos

Forget Instagram. Try a flip phone. On the evolutionary chart flip phones are one step up from a pager.

Paulgar pre Gravis.

One of my favorite board graphics. This was taken in the heyday of Autumn's Nike SB game. Clearly. I remember when we carried the Superman SB's. It made me not want to answer the phone ever again. 

When Marisa came to visit

The best band to ever come out of Autumn. Maybe the only one. Razor Tail.

Yeah that one time a dunion printed out a squirrel on a piece of paper at school and glued it to his t shirt.

Flannel dunions + Yaje

The now infamous "SLICKY BOY" of the tf. Last I heard he was rapping at Tammany Hall? Weird.

Skate shop ingenuity.

Sweetfaced Mayra

I made that leather hat and had everyone wear it.

Alain of Bubbles. Also the creator of such epic Autumn associated shirts : Fuck The Police with a picture of the band the Police.

Autumn Mannequin

Back when skateboarding was "cool"

We've all slept or rested under there at one point or another. Depending on what grade in middle school you were in or how hung over you were feeling.

The latest in Dunion fashions.  

If only Dave made more than $250 dollars, Autumn could have still been open. I'm always going to miss that place. They were the best of times, and the best of times for me. I can't believe it's been a year and a half since it rolled down it's metal gate for the last time. It's super easy to get nostalgic for it because it was easily one of the best skate shops ever. I will always feel lucky to have been a part of it and I'm sure anyone who's worked there or supported it feels the same. I wonder where my old tapes of the Autumn Bowl ragers are? What can I say? I'm a sucker for nostalgia. Good thing I take a shitload of photos otherwise I'd probably forget most of it.

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