Saturday, August 31, 2013

This disneyfied version of "twerking" is like a runaway train gone off the rails. Thanks to Miley Cyrus and any female over the age of 11 who feels comfortable either doing an upside down headstand against a wall or finds solace in awkwardly sticking their ass out to invisible beats, twerking has now become the latest dance craze. Unfortunately, I think while twerking has existed for close to two decades now, it's definitely becoming rebranded in my mind as an increasingly embarrassing affair shaped by those who can not actually physically "twerk" but would rather force onto peoples eyes their shitty attempts. Grown from the grimy bounce scenes of the South, just like anything else genuinely cool, twerking eventually found it's way to the mainstream. I don't watch the VMA's, but all I had to see were the viral images of Miley Cyrus dressed in a flesh colored vinyl two piece, accessorized by horrific twisty buns on top of her head to know that once again, something cool had been unapologetically shitted on and burned alive. 

Fuse has a pretty cool article about twerking, with none other than the Queen of Bounce: Big Freedia.

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Anonymous said...

Hear from some teens :
- Did you see Miley dancing ?
- Yeah !
- She was dancing like she was in a strip club !
- What's the fuss ?
- Becouse it was her first time, not like Niki or Gaga.
She is so funny, she made me laugh, great body !!!!