Sunday, August 25, 2013

This video has 6 million hits. I know some friends that are followers of the Heavy D refuse to get on normal social media platforms ( Facebook, instagram etc ). So it's actually pretty cool that I have readers who fall into that special category. U KNOW WHO U R. And I even dated someone who was heavily anti-technology for a few years. Not even a cell phone so I'd have to throw up smoke signals any time I wanted to get a hold of him. Naw, just kidding but it made the difference that he was naturally punctual. So I guess it doesn't matter if you have a cell phone or not, if you aren't punctual and you don't have a cell phone, you might as well be the worst person to date.. ever. 

I've had this blog for over five years now so I guess that qualifies me as someone who has definitely sat through the onslaught of gradual co-iphone dependency and trending technological habits. It's almost like technology comes in strategic addiction waves. Each new "it" thing potentially becoming more addictive than the last. Much like television which has been clearly engineered to distract the masses, there is a pretty good chance that personal technology has also evolved into it's natural companion slash competitor. I guess like everything else in life, maintaining a balance is the most important thing. Is technology the problem? Not necessarily. Technology would be nothing without users. And we have seen technology lend itself to fostering revolution in other parts of the world, so clearly technology can be used for more than just endless selfies. It can be and has been used to empower the voiceless. But maybe it's like the Butterfly Effect and the universe has already set forth this rule that 3 billion dumb selfless equals one seed towards revolution or a tiny miracle somewhere.

Iphones and social media networks have simply allowed us as people to get information faster than ever before. It's collectively influenced the way we experience, process, and retain new information. It's also allowed us to effectively organize and mobilize for different causes. This individual who made this video was obviously out to set a point about how technology has embedded it's presence in both our personal and public landscapes. These particular scenes seem a bit extreme but she's obviously trying to prove a point. Depending on what kind of individuals you find yourself amongst, not everyone is going to be this retarded. I don't think there's anything wrong with people utilizing technology to capture things. But I think what it comes down to is whether the people you surround yourself with on a personal level or in a group setting are being "rude". Maybe part of the problem is that the people who are desensitized to their own compulsive, rude behaviors aren't being called out on in person enough. But that's just my opinion. To me, she also represents this passive aggressive, bummed out individual who doesn't necessarily have to call out strangers, but also doesn't need to be this wide eyed "victim of technology" laying in bed with a dude scrolling through his dumb ass instagram.

And when I mean "rude" it means being completely socially inept and inconsiderate due to an excessive amount of time spent on your phone. Awareness is the keyword here as being aware of things outside of yourself through technology is one thing, but it's also awareness and consideration of the person who is right in front of you that matters most. And if you can balance those worlds, congratulations! I believe no directions to this exist.

But I think for the individual, the reason for compulsion or addiction can vary. Like, not all people drink alcohol for the same reasons. For instance, I love looking at photos period. And I come across really great inspiration material for designs all the time. I also like going out and am friends with some really fun people and funny people so it's just all kind of a no brainer. You just kind of have to accept what kind of person you are, what you are getting out of it, and call it a day.

Where I think personal technology can be kind of dangerous is when people look to it to fill some kind of void. Some sort of buried curiosity about what ex's are doing which leads to just getting caught in your basic casual late night instagram K hole where you end up just feeling sorry for yourself, whatever. Just like myspace and facebook is used to recruit casual hook ups, lurk on potential girls or guys that are better than your existing partners, or used to glorify how photogenic you are as means to manipulate an online identity, things like that have probably remained unchanged. Maybe if technology for the individual speaks to that kind of bottomless rabbit hole, then maybe you're in trouble. Someone should probably make a video about that. Real talk. Actually, why hasn't SNL made a character about this? RIP Chris Farley. He'd be the dude for the job for sure.

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