Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A few people have posted this on FB today. Thought I might repost since some people may relate to it. I can understand the explanation but damn shit is looking dark! I've consciously resisted certain aspects of technological infiltration by two of the following behaviors: allowing pretty bad pictures of myself online, asking friends to take off only the severely gross ones ( sorry only human ), and also posting drunk ramblings and just posting words that attempt to illustrate my point of view in general. Both behaviors which potentially makes anyone appear more humanly flawed, misinformed, or just stupid on the internet and to others. I'd also like to think being "alone" doesn't make me afraid. I'd rather be alone than be around people I don't like or trust. But, if you can't understand those fundamental things about life or yourself in general the internet might not be your only problem. To me, it is sad that when people really try hard to curate their online identities consciously. Kinda weird. Or are addicted to  the chances of "VIRTUAL LUV". WTF? I think sometimes the cynical and burdensome effects of social media and technology are merely a reflection of the individual. I refuse to believe I suck that bad I guess. But what is black and white and who am I to judge? I only know what's true for myself and not even a well edited vimeo can convince me otherwise.

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