Thursday, September 12, 2013


Thanks to Melissa for sharing this article from WIRED. Apparently Apple is trying to introduce biometric fingerprinting authentication to future phones. What the hell is so god damn important on your phone that would require an everyday citizen to utilize a basically military grade authentication system? Shit is SCI-FI. I mean. Has anyone ever had their credit card or debit card stolen? Way worse. Fuck a phone with your weird nude pics. Who cares. The article concludes, "as wonderful as technological innovation is, it sometimes creates unintended consequences-including legal ones." And this my friends, has UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES written all over it.  Sure, I'll share my drunk facebook status updates with the world, and yes one time when I was 19 I secretly puked under the bar at Pop's while seated, but even I have boundaries. I refuse to willingly allow anyone to hack my fingerprint. What kind of millenial dummy do they think I am? I bet the future is full of weirdo fingerprint gypsies.

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