Wednesday, September 4, 2013

I'm currently immersed in a "Fringe" marathon on Netflix. The show is awesome. It's like a sci-fi thriller packed with time travel, parallel universes, mystery, and gruesome weird crimes. It's like Quantum Leap, Sliders, and X Files all put into one show. But aside from that, I've been reading Tupac's "The Rose that grew from concrete". A collection of his hand written poems while he was still alive. My love for Tupac is so real. Haha. Sounds funny. But he was such a complex, gifted, and amazingly talented human being. I don't usually like the idea of celebrity, but it makes sense that Tupac was one and remains one of the most iconic figures of our time.  He was a symbol of so many things for so many people. Super stoked on being able to read his lesser known poems. Reading Tupac's poetry is like being able to look into his soul. It's pretty cool. But it's kind of crazy how intensely personal poems can be. Of course, they can also be garbage. But, it's pretty clear that Tupac was meant to be a symbol of his time. The way he wrote, the way he spoke. Ultimately, it was the way he interpreted experiences for others to understand; during a time when this country was still learning to understand itself. It's pretty obvious that some people are just meant to do certain things. And I guess that in itself can be comforting.

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