Thursday, September 12, 2013


An article on The New Yorker about "How Facebook Makes Us Unhappy: The New Yorker" link below. Thanks to Paul for sharing on facebook. How humanity will forever grapple with understanding the true effects of social media on humankind. Interestingly enough, and logically enough, there are two competing theories. Studies that show indeed humans are worse off engaged on facebook because most time is spent being passive, scrolling, trolling, which basically encourages momentary depression and boredom. On the other hand, there are studies that show there are also positive effects in being interconnected. It all seems to boil down to the individual user and how they spend their time engaging or not engaging. How we change or abstain from changing with our technologies to conform to our best interests. But as humans we don't always know how to make ourselves happy, so what exactly are our "best interests"? Therefore, facebook can represent itself as this article describes as "symptom" to a bigger problem. No wonder the internet can be such a K hole.

It seems that people who abstain from using social media altogether are not necessarily "happier" or "unhappier" than those who use it. But one thing is for sure, personal technology is engineered to be addicting. Once locked into certain avenues of socialization and connectivity, it is hard to rewire your brain to do otherwise. But, I personally believe that the biggest danger with social media outlets, the internet, technology, whatever it is, is how it makes us view ourselves. Anything that you choose to do in life you should choose to do it because it empowers you and allows you to grow positively. Anything that makes you doubt yourself or second guess the importance of the path that you lead, should always be the first thing to get dumped. If facebook turns you into a jealous weirdo that envies the lives of others, or just makes you feel shitty, yeah it's probably time to quit.

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