Tuesday, October 1, 2013

M.I.A interview from a few years ago about the music industry. The interviewer totally annoys me. But if you can read between the lines and even listen to what she is saying, she makes a lot of sense. But this guy is obviously really good at cliff hanging on every lyrical line on the sleeve and enjoys picking at her very obvious introspective outlook on her own career by asking her really superficial corny questions like " Do you like being famous?" It's like he didn't hear anything that came out of her mouth the first twenty minutes about her frustrations with the music industry, artistic/personal growth, and the limitations of the internet. I get this vibe he wants to expose her for being a fake or a phony. But maybe he just enjoys playing devil's advocate. In which case, people in real life that enjoy playing devil's advocate all the time are so FUCKING ANNOYING to be around. I'm not feeling his approach. He's quick to label her upon every few answers, and then follows it up with some lame, smart ass alternative like, "why don't you just quit being you and go make music in the woods if you don't like the attention". But M.I.A. holds it down for herself. She's such a thoughtful, articulate human, it's cool to see someone that calm admist the bullshit.

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