Friday, October 4, 2013

One of my favorite instagram accounts and federal departments is shut down. The U.S Dept of the Interior is so sick. All they care about are our national parks, lands, and animals. Came across this opinion's article on the cnn blog.. as taxpayers we should be credited money every day of the shut down. It is only fair ( and logical ) that the government should owe US money on the next federal refund. The lights are off and nobody's fucking home. These politicians are getting a paid vacation while everyone else is supposed to get used to not only disappointment, but a fucking giant government FAIL for millions of people that rely on government funded programs. This is way worse than getting hustled for a $2 cupcake on Broadway St. when it's supposed to be $1. Or getting hustled in Hong Kong while shopping for cameras with the old "bait and switch." This is way worse. The whole country is getting hustled. That Bald Eagle is getting played.

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