Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The country of China gave my blog the boot this last week. No blogspot access or youtube access in my new hotel digs. Such a bummer, would love to post way more on this blob. Thought about a bunch of things I would post when I finally got internet again- and then I changed my mind. Because that's what I do. I constantly change my mind sometimes. Returning to China for another week to work more on my footwear line.. but not until I go to Japan first. Stoked to fly to Tokyo tomorrow for a few days. SUPER-FUCKING-SIKED. All work and no skate makes Jilleen a cyborg shoe designing weirdo.


This desk is obviously broken.

Dude. Traveling in big cities like Guangzhou is like hitting the motherloads of all Chinatowns. How exactly people can carry everything but the kitchen sink is embedded in our DNA.

Acting all cute and shit!

Um. I'm pretty sure this is fake fur. I don't know any animals with natural looking Tony the Tiger tire track stripes?

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