Monday, December 16, 2013


Came out to California. Going to be out here until the end of the month! First time in years I've been able to be in California for more than a week. It's nice to revisit SF and LA and be able to see all the new and old vibes. This was at a show at Et El gallery? I think I'm fucking up the name. Yeah. Fucked it up.


Nate and Charlie! YAY!


Charlie's epic ring

Instagram dat shit

SF Art vibes


Exotic cars and Cleaners= The American Dream

Andy and dude!

Humans of SF

FTC photo book is banging. Impromptu yearbook signage ensued.

Abs, Jerry, and Tino in LA. So much love for these dudes <3 h3="">

Amanda and Zooey

Amy and Max

Jen Smith and her Cali ass surfer truck. So sick.

Some cult dude


Tacos at Holy Mole were on fucking point. So fucking good. Not pictured epic yellow peppers grilled and ready for consumption. I ate 5.

Who can be mad at a California Christmas?

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