Sunday, December 22, 2013


Went to SOTY last Friday. Ran into a bunch of people I haven't seen in a while which was cool. Haven't been to SOTY since Appleyard won. Which was like uh a long time ago. Managed to get in which was cool but it's kind of lame how hard it is to get into skate events these days. Not that I would know because I haven't tried to get into an official skate event in years. But you know whatever, in a utopian world skate events would be like Robstock, everyone's equal to show up, party, get annihilated, get run out, or leave.

This dude was rapping. I couldn't see anything inside, it was just a ton of laser lights at the venue. This was also the same venue I saw Boyz II Men a few years ago when I was back.

It's not a party until the shoes come off

They still have _______ sponsor's chicks strolling around at events? Does that kind of marketing actually work? Hot chicks clad with logos? Might as well be a Hook Ups ad.

I just remember this dude trying to point me out to Phelps, like he was talking shit. I snapped a photo of him as he walked away. I snap photos for documentation. An insurance if you will. Incase later in the evening I forget who I hate.


Farmerhouse and Busenhaus in the HausHouse.

Dude is getting choked by a laser rope

Cyclops laser eyes in full effect

Julien's wearing my bootleg Supreme jacket. Had to snake a photo of that shit. I think I almost drunkenly fanned out on Carroll. Question mark.


Man of the Hour. And of Instagram. And of the People's History of Skateboarding textbook that hasn't been written yet. 

Um. Between LA and SF I have fallen in love with VOLUME 4. They make the best stickers. The no fucking way one is too epic to not look forward to whatever else they start pumping out. Arco getting heavy hands

Just a photo of my mind on alcohol. Unfortunately I was wasted by 11pm and managed to escort myself home so I didn't somehow wake up in a tree in the tenderloin. Ah, who cares about industry events anyway. Especially when nobody is fucking DANCING!! JESUS. And when you do dance you feel like god damn Kevin Bacon in Bizarro Footloose and you got longhaireds trying to rat you out to the Phelper. But then again it wasn't until much later I realized I had been dancing in front of a screen with skateboarding on it. Cue dancing warehouse scene

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